• Our schools use the SafeSchools Alert Service to receive safety tips 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tips can be submitted by phone, text, email or website. Reports can be made anonymously. Please ensure you share as much detail as possible to give school and/or law enforcement officials enough information to quickly and effectively investigate concerns.

    If you have an emergency, please dial 911 first.

    Below are instructions for using the SafeSchools Alert Service:

    You can also find the SafeSchools Alert link in the global icons on the upper right of your screen on a desktop or under the "Community" tab on mobile.



    Once on the SafeSchools Alert site, you can find the information and tools to submit a tip by text message, phone call, email or through the SafeSchools Alert website. Note that the section that asks you to enter a code is for people who have previously submitted a tip. At the end of your tip submission, you will be given a code that you can use to anonymously login to receive communications from school and/or law enforcement officials. 




    To Make a Submission by Text Message:


    To Make a Submission by Phone Call:


    To Make a Submission by Email:

    safeschools email

    To Make a Submission Online:

    Click the submit by "Web" button

    Then select the type of tip you are submitting

    The filled out the required sections on the submission form. Be sure to select the school/s involved in the tip, if known. Click submit when done.

    safeschools submit

    After your tip is submitted, be sure to write down your submission code and check back in frequently to see if school or law enforcement officials have additional questions. The code allows you to remain anonymous and maintain communication to assist in any investigations.

    safeschools code