• Each year, Kellogg staff join together to communicate school expectations to students. This is done in the following ways:
    1.) On the first half of the first day of school, all 7th grade students heard a lesson on the prohibition of hate speech at Kellogg. The lesson was similar to the one last year’s 7th graders received in the spring.
    2.) On the second day of school, all students participate in VALOR lessons/activities to help our students understand our school culture and values.
    3.) On the third day of school, teachers show students a series of google slideshows that communicate more specific expectations around such topics as: electronics/cell phones; hallway and passing time; lunchtime and cafeteria expectations; how to sign out for bathroom breaks; how to access the main office and counselors; how to use your planner. These slideshows are available for parents to access by request. 
    4.) On September 16 and 17, administrators visited each math class to show the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities presentation (attached). This is more of a discussion format where there is time for questions in a smaller group setting.
    5.) The Student and Family Handbook. Please note that this document is being revised and developed for our upcoming transition to being a 6th - 8th grade school, and there is mixed formatting on this current draft.
    6.) Lastly, all Shoreline School students and families receive a copy of the Statement of Responsibilities and Rights of Students: https://www.shorelineschools.org/Page/1361