• District Technology - Chromebooks


    The Shoreline School District believes it is an institutional obligation to provide students and staff with the skills and access to appropriate technologies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, provide efficiencies in time and work, and enable more effective communications within the entire school community.  We are lucky here in Shoreline to be able to have computers for all kids in our schools.  

    We are fortunate to have Chromebooks for grades 3-6 on a 1:1 basis.  Each student has a computer that they may use at school as directed by the teacher.  These computers do not go home.  Students in grade 2 also have Chromebooks, however each classroom has 1 computer for every 2 children.  Kindgergarten and first grade are working with Ipads at a 2:1 ratio. 

    At the beginning of the school year, students learned about responsible care and use of the Chromebooks.  You can find a link to the Shoreline School District's Chromebook Usage Agreement which details student expectations for using the computers and violations that would result in a student losing their computer privilege.


    Google K12 Accounts 


    Each student has a GoogleK12 login which is entered when sigining on and using the computer.  While this login may look like an email address, it is not. Students cannot receive emails at this address. Students are able to use the internet per directions of teachers.  Students should not be visiting websites that are inappropriate or that violate the Chromebook Usage Agreement.  

    Click here for directions on how to access Google accounts at home.

    *Students in 3rd grade use their student number as their password.  Students in grades 4-6 were able to set their own passwords.  If you have forgotten your password, contact Mrs. Altena in the library to have it reset. 


    ClassLink Accounts


    Students should access ClassLink when using their Chromebooks at home.  ClassLink has all of the apps that the school district uses to teach students.  Some of these apps are:

    • Google Apps - Google Docs, Classroom, Drive, Sheets, etc.

    • KCLS Resources and eBooks

    • Britannica Encyclopedia

    • School district curriculum links

    Click here for directions on how to access ClassLink at home.