Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum

  • All students need help navigating the digital world.  To that end, we teach the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum lessons to students in all grades. Beginning in kindergarten, students learn about the importance of media balance, privacy and security, and their digital footprint in the world.  Students in grades 3-5 will also learn how to be critical consumers and creators of media, the power of words in relationships when using digital media, and cyberbullying, digital drama, and hate speech.  Common Sense Media's topics address today's critical concerns of parents and educators around children's use of digital media.

    From Common Sense Media's website: "Designed and developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education -- and guided by research with thousands of educators -- each digital citizenship lesson takes on real challenges and digital dilemmas that students face today, giving them the skills they need to succeed as digital learners, leaders, and citizens tomorrow." 

    Mrs. Altena will be teaching these digital citizenship lessons during the year in the library to all students.  As lessons are taught, information will be posted here so that families can have collaborative discussions with their children about what they are learning at school regarding use of digital media.  

    Our first lesson is talking to students about understanding the importance of balance in life.  Lessons have students reflect on daily activities, including use of media, time spent with family and friends, and other activities.  Here's a link to Family Tips about finding balance in our digital lives. 

    Helping Kids Balance Their Media Lives