• Emily Graika-P.E. Teacher


    I have 5 years experience teaching Physical Education. I started my teaching career in Lake Washington School District, then moved up north to Shoreline School District last year.

    In my off time, I love working on projects around my house. Also, any activities outdoors with my husband and dog.

    I graduated from Washington State University. Go Cougs! 

    The last book I read was Mindset, by Carol Dweck. I enjoy listening to Audible while driving or working out. Right now I am listing to Brain Rules, by John Medina. 

    This summer we went to Wenatchee to visit my family and my sister got married! We also took a vacation to Coeur d’Alene, ID. So fun!


    Parent Encouragement

    I love teaching PE and can’t wait to meet your student!  In my gym, we aim for growth and FUN! Lets do this!


PE schedule

    North City Kindergarten Health and Physical Education

    K-6 General Health Curriculum:- Great Body Shop, published by The Children’s Health Market, Inc. Topics include:

    • Injury Prevention and Personal Safety
    • Nutrition
    • Functions of the Body
    • Growth and Development/The Cycle of Family Life
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Community Health and Safety/Violence Prevention
    • Self Worth, Mental and Emotional Health
    • Environmental and Consumer Health
    • Physical Fitness

    THE GREAT BODY SHOP is a comprehensive health education curriculum that is sequential, developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive and medically accurate. THE GREAT BODY SHOP is aligned to the National Health Education Standards, the National Sexuality Education Standards, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Characteristics of Effective Health Education Curricular and the core concepts recommended by CDC’s HECAT.