• Books, books, and more books!

    Posted by Jennifer Altena on 8/5/2019

    I am having such a great time reading all of the YRC and Sasquatch nominees this summer.  Most of the books I've finished are pretty good and a couple of them have kept me up late at night because I couldn't put them down!  My favorite so far has been The Mighty Odds, but you might like Tumble and Blue or the Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library.  Whatever book you like, I hope you'll give them a try!  You don't need to wait until we get back to school to start reading - you can check the YRC and Sasquatch books out at the local library any time, even via your e-reader.  

    Happy Reading!

    -Mrs. Altena

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  • Are you reading?

    Posted by Jennifer Altena on 7/25/2019

    I am!  So far I have finished Tumble and Blue, The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library and I'm almost done with The Mighty Odds.  Remember, all of these books are nominees for the Young Reader's Choice or Sasquatch reading awards this year.  I'll be changing how we do the reading for YRC/Sasquatch this year and will reveal that when school begins again.  

    I'm already thinking about the new school year and what we can do and learn in the library. There are so many new and exciting ideas out there - I'm having trouble narrowing it all down!  We are going to have a great year!

    Happy Reading!  -Mrs. Altena

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  • I'm Back!

    Posted by Jennifer Altena on 7/16/2019

    I'm back from vacation!  I took along a few books to read, including Nevermoor, which I finished.  It was pretty good, but to be honest, it won't be one of my very favorite books of all time.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  

    My next book is The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library, which is about Eddie, a little bug who goes in search of his Aunt Min when she goes missing in the school library.  He's trying avoid "squishers" (kids) as he makes his way down the school hallways.  It's a fun way to look at our world from a bug's perspective.

    Today is the 50th Anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission.  Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, heading for the moon.  Here are a few book suggestions about the moon:

    Rocket To The Moon by Don Brown
    Moonshot by Brian Floca
    Countdown: 2979 Days to the Moon by Suzanne Slade

    Happy Reading!    -Mrs. Altena

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  • Nevermoor - My first book of the summer!

    Posted by Jennifer Altena on 6/25/2019

    The first book I am reading is Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow.  It's a make believe world that has "ages" or periods of 12 years.  Most people are fine, but it seems like the Cursed Children only live until Eventide, or the 12th year.  Morrigan is one of the cursed children.  She's just been given an offer to work for a very powerful man, Ezra Squall.  Not sure why he would hire her if she's going to die in a few months.  I'm only a few chapters into the book, but I'd recommend it.

    Anybody working on their Bingo board?  

    I sure hope the sun decides to come out soon!

    Happy Reading! -Mrs. Altena

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  • Free Museum Passes!

    Posted by Jennifer Altena on 6/13/2019

    I just learned about Free Museum Passes that you can get from the King County Library System - KCLS!  Click on this link and check it out!



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  • Summer Learning 2019

    Posted by Jennifer Altena on 5/26/2019

    This is where you can keep in touch with Mrs. Altena during the summer to share your summer learning experiences.  

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