• Thank you to everyone who participated in our community survey in November. The results of the Meridian Park student and parent surveys are provided here.  The School Board recently held a study session to learn about the District’s overall results. In the coming weeks, our staff will  begin reviewing this information to guide and inform our work at MP.  In addition, we will host community meetings open to all families (see above).  The purpose of the community meetings will be to provide families the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the results.  We have also attached information regarding the 9 Characteristics of High Performing Schools report created by OSPI.  All of this information is just the beginning of the conversation about our school; after the current realities of the perception data are shared, the collaborative work of leveraging that data in our school improvement plans and our program really begins.  Please feel free to contact me with your questions. If you have any questions about the district level survey or reports, please contact our Public Information Office at public.info@shorelineschools.org or 206.393.4412.   David Tadlock, Principal
    • Clear and shared focus
    • High standards and expectations for all students
    • Effective school leadership
    • High levels of collaboration and communication
    • Curriculum, instruction and assessments aligned with state standards
    • Frequent monitoring of learning and teaching
    • Focused professional development
    • Supportive learning environment
    • High levels of family and community involvement

    Additionally, the surveys measure two additional areas tied to high performing schools: 

    • Cultural responsiveness 
    • District support for improvement 

    Additionally, the student survey measured:

    • 9 Domains of Social and Emotional Learning

    Parent Survey Results

    Student Survey Results

    EES Presentation Slides