• Briarcrest Elementary School is the proud home of Shoreline School District's Dual Language program at the elementary level. There is a dual language classroom at each grade, Kindergarten - grade 5.
    The program is a "two-way, 80/20 model." grade 5 student and teacher pointing at student work in Spanish
    • Two-way means that each class is comprised of about 50% Spanish speakers and 50% non-Spanish speakers
    • 80/20 refers to the language allocation at the younger grades: 80% of the day in Spanish and 20% in English
    The Dual Language program is an essential part of who we are at Briarcrest. We are proud that Spanish is all around our school: at recess, decorating our walls, in the library, and echoing in our hallways.
    The three goals for all participating students are:
    • Bilingualism and biliteracy
    • High academic achievement
    • Cross-cultural understanding

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Kindergarten Information

  • Aquí hay una presentación informativa de 15 minutos para las familias entrantes interesadas en el Programa de Lenguaje Dual.

    Tiene que ver esto para poder matricularse en el Programa de Lenguaje Dual.

  • Here is a 15-minute informative presentation for incoming families interested in the Dual Language Program.

    Watching this is required for anyone applying to the Dual Language Program