Attendance: Arriving on time to school and classes every day is very important.  Try to avoid school absences except in the event of illness (vomiting or fever) or emergency.  Learning builds day by day.  A child who misses a day of school misses a day of learning.  Yes, students can copy notes and make up missed homework but they can't get back discussions, questions, explanations and thinking that makes learning come alive! 

    When students are absent please have them check Canvas and email their teachers to stay on track as much as possible while they are away from school.  Should your student be absent for 3 or more consecutive days and you need copies of books or paper copies of assignments posted to Canvas please call our attendance office.  We can hold some work for pick up.  Please call in the morning to arrange pick ups for the afternoon or next day. 


    Pay Attention to Attendance


    How Sick is Too Sick?


    School Refusal Information


    Pre-Arranged Absences:  If you know in advance that your student will miss school for an extended number of days due to a trip, medical issue or other event please contact our attendance office to set up a pre-excused absence form that will help your student collect work prior to their missed days. 

     Late Arrival/Early Dismissal: If you know you will be dropping your student off late to school or picking them up early for an appointment, please call ahead to let us know.  We are unable to call classrooms directly to dismiss students.  If we know about early dismissals in advance we can arrange for your student to meet you in the office or in the pick up area to help you leave on time:)


    Need Help? 

    Is your student struggling to get up on time for school?  Are they reporting more frequent stomachachces, headaches, general cold symptoms?  Or feeling overwhelmed with work and refusing to go to school?  Help is available!  Please contact your student's school counselor or an administrator to let us know if your child struggles to come to school regularly.  We can help! 


    Absences Add Up!


    District and State Truancy Information: 

    School Board Policy-Attendance


    State Information: Attendance, Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy


    King County Truancy Information


    Family Guide to the Becca Bill


    Einstein Attendance Office Contact Info: 

    Kim Alford 


    206 393 4732