Cascade K-8 Community School l School Counselor

  • Cascade Students and Families,

    As a school counselor, I partner and work closely with students, families, and school staff in order to support the social, emotional, and academic growth of all students. By providing short-term individual counseling, facilitating small group counseling and leading classroom guidance lessons, our comprehensive school counseling program aims to support students through natural development transitions as well as challenging times. Additionally, I am available to provide general school information, connect families to community resources, advise students during crisis or transitions, and advocate for additional student support and services when needed. I passionately believe in supporting our students and families in order to have fulfilling and successful educational journeys. Below is an overview of the counseling services at Cascade:

    Individual Counseling – students can be referred by their parent/guardian, staff, or through self-referral. Students often discuss things that impact their learning at school. Meetings with students are brief and school based in nature, to ensure that students do not miss out on instructional time. If the topic or time needed goes beyond this, our team will partner with parents/guardians in order to best support students.

    Small Group Counseling – students may also be referred by their parent/guardian, staff or through self-referral. Small groups consist of a few select students who share a common need or experience. Some common topics may include: emotional regulation, stress/anxiety, changing families, and conflict resolution. Our team will always send out a home a consent form prior to group participation. Parents/guardians have the option of allowing their child to participate or decline.

    Classroom Guidance – consist of larger social skills lessons in the classroom offered to all students in order to provide preventative and responsive support. 

    In order to advocate for the success of every student, I often collaborate with parents, teachers, and staff. Students are always welcomed to meet with me and I encourage families to reach out if I can support your child during their educational journey.

    I look forward to working together towards a successful year!  

    School Counselor,  M.Ed

Virtual Counseling Office