• Art Docent Program: To support arts education at LFP, the PTA sponsors the volunteer-run Art Docent program. Volunteers teach about a particular artist and/or element of art and guide students in creating a work of art in that style.

    Cheer throughout the Year: The monthly donation drive for clothing and hygiene items that then are donated to The Works (see below) for families in need in the Shoreline School District.

    Cut & Chat: A weekly gathering in the PTA office to help teachers with small tasks, such as cutting or laminating, while getting to know other parents.

    Dolphin Blast: This is the LFP PTA weekly e-mail that will keep you up-to-date with school events and activities. Kid Mail: Sending forms & flyers to and from school via your student.

    LFP Portable: The small building behind the school. The Before & After School Care Program is housed there,

    Math Olympiad: An extra-curricular program for grades 3-6. Students meet before school to practice advanced math and compete with other schools in the spring.

    Natural Leaders: Natural Leaders build relationships with families in our school (primarily immigrant or English language learning families), identify what helps families be successful with education, and then implement these ideas.

    P.O.D. Liaison: Classroom P.O.D. Liaisons provide a personal link between the teacher and other parents in the class, as well as to the PTA, The goal is to support teachers and build community, both within our classroom and at school.

    Reflections: The Reflections Program is an annual National PTA and WSPTA cultural arts competition. Students (K-6) are challenged to create art that supports a specific theme. Information about the competition comes home in the fall.

    Roots of Empathy: A program to increase social/emotional competency and empathy among students. Under the direction of a trained instructor, an infant and parent visit the classroom every three weeks over the schoOl year.

    Save at School: Students may open a savings account with WA Federal and make deposits at school on the first and third Wednesday of each month. A minimum $5 deposit and completed application are required.

    Sing-a-Ling: A sing-along assembly for grades K-2nd that happens some Friday mornings. Parents are welcome.

    Watch D.0.G.S.: (Dads of Great Students) Program invites fathers, grandfathers, uncles or other father figures to volunteer at least one day, all day, at their student's school during the school year. Contact the front office to sign upl

    The Works: A Shoreline PTA Council Family Resource that provides clothing & hygiene products for families in need.

    Fun Facts About LFP

    1. Lake Forest Park Elementary was established in 1912; 3 students made up the first school!
    2. In 1979, a group of parents created the popular snake-like play structure for the school playground. "Stanley the Sea Serpent" was named after Stan Sigenthauler, the parent who spearheaded the project.
    3. Principal Miner was a student at LFP from 1980-1983, her 4th-6th grade years.
    4. LFP has had two resident cats. Spike lived at the school from 1985-1991, followed by Tiger from 1991-2002.
    5. The original mascot for LFP was the dragons, but in 1982, it was changed to the Dolphins. This happened because two schools in the district closed and some of those students came to LFP. In an effort to build camaraderie with the new students, they were asked to vote and choose a new mascot together.