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    The Syre Library is the learning hub of our school. A place where students and staff turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading and the power of information. We take personal interest in ensuring that all are tended to in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner.

    Syre Library staff, Mrs. Altena and Mrs. McCaffrey (Assist),are dedicated to helping students become capable readers of fiction as well as nonfiction, experts in information access skills, passionate lovers of books and life long learners.

    We take an active role in promoting information literacy and work with students, staff, and community to use available resources to achieve Syre’s education goals for our students.

    The Syre Library offers a variety of services to students, teachers, Syre families and to the Syre Community at large. Students listen to stories and are presented with booktalks that range from “new books” to historical fiction titles, to survival stories. They receive instruction in research strategies and new computer technology. Each student visits the library at least once a week. Teachers and the librarian plan additional times during the week when students are involved in research projects or activities using library computers. The library is open during recesses for additional access to the technology and for leisurely enjoyment of books.

    Contact the Library Staff at:

    Jennifer Altena - Teacher Librarian
    Martha Mccaffrey- Library Tech