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    Ms. Jordan – 6th Grade – Room 302

    Progress Reports Passed Out May 3rd

    Language Arts

    We are using Call of the Wild for word studies! As I read aloud we investigate new vocabulary words looking for context clues, root words and author's voice. We are reading our class novel Walk Two Moons and responding daily to journal prompts. This includes writing at home as well.

     We are working on non-fiction reading and forming a response to thought questions. This continues our work using evidence to support our reasoning in answering these text questions

    We continue to use the Springboard curriculum to understand  and  analyze non fiction text.



    We are in ratio reasoning. We will be focusing on this in great detail looking at percents and solving word problems.

    We are moving into Geometry.


    We are starting Health 

    Social Studies

    We are moving on to Ancient India and we begin with the geography of this area.



     Looking ahead...


    May 17    Field Trip  Beauty and the Beast


    SBA Test Schedule
      • 5/23 - MATH CAT
      • 5/28 - MATH Performance Task

    Dear Brookside Families, 

    Field Day is coming Tuesday, June 18th, from 1:30-3:10 pm and we need your help!  This is always one of the highlights of the year for many kids and we need lots of family support to make it successful.  This years Field Day will run carnival style.  We will have 30-40 stations around the field with everything from the tug of war to belly bumpers.  Students will be able to move around from station to station at their own pace with a small group of buddies.  Our goal is to have at least 2-3 parents at every station.  My motto is: the more volunteers we have, the more stations we can run, and the more fun our students will have.  Parent volunteers will be responsible for running one station with another parent.  When students come to their station, volunteers will explain their task and let them go.  Parents should meet in the Brookside Gym at 1:15 so I can teach you how to run your station. 

    To sign up to be a field day volunteer, please fill out the quick online form at:

    Or email/send a note to Mr. Woods

    If you have any questions of concerns, please let me know.  Thank you!

     – Allyn Woods   (