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    Ms. Jordan – 6th Grade – Room 302

    Report Card Draft Passed Out

    Language Arts

    We are using Call of the Wild for word studies! As I read aloud we investigate new vocabulary words looking for context clues, root words and author's voice.



    Step up to seventh grade, we are looking ahead and practicing concepts for next year   



    We are in Health... 

    Social Studies

    We will design presentations for an ancient civilization



    We are desigining shoes.



     Looking ahead...



    St. Edwards Park, Bothell &

    Shoreline Pool

    Field Trip


    Healthy Life Styles Activity Trip


    St. Edwards Park & Shoreline Pool


    Friday June 14



    What will we do?

    Play 4-ball, hike, swim, eat, play


    Sack lunches & beverage, closed-toe` walking shoes, bathing suit, towel, hat, sunscreen, water


    Dress appropriately. In the event that it is raining in the morning, we will play board games in the classrooms. Chaperones are on call until the weather clears.


    No cost


    Bus – we don’t need parent drivers, but we can’t go without chaperones. Kids and parents will go on buses.

    Parent Chaperones

    W    We need all the chaperones we can get. If you are able to accompany us, please fill out and return the form below.

    W    Be in the classroom by 9:25 on the day of the field trip. (If the weather is bad, you can check with the office (393-4140) for our ETD.



    I can go on the Healthy Life Styles Activity Trip.


    My Name; _______________              My child’s name ___________________


    Please park in the back parking lot, not in the front of the building. After we are dropped off at Brookside at 2:15 you are welcome you are also free to go and avoid the end-of-day mayhem at Brookside. Some parents like to take their own child with them, and that’s okay, too.




    Dear Brookside Families, 

    Field Day is coming Tuesday, June 18th, from 1:30-3:10 pm and we need your help!  This is always one of the highlights of the year for many kids and we need lots of family support to make it successful.  This years Field Day will run carnival style.  We will have 30-40 stations around the field with everything from the tug of war to belly bumpers.  Students will be able to move around from station to station at their own pace with a small group of buddies.  Our goal is to have at least 2-3 parents at every station.  My motto is: the more volunteers we have, the more stations we can run, and the more fun our students will have.  Parent volunteers will be responsible for running one station with another parent.  When students come to their station, volunteers will explain their task and let them go.  Parents should meet in the Brookside Gym at 1:15 so I can teach you how to run your station. 

    To sign up to be a field day volunteer, please fill out the quick online form at:

    Or email/send a note to Mr. Woods

    If you have any questions of concerns, please let me know.  Thank you!

     – Allyn Woods   (