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  • Room 302 Newsletter

     Please get in touch with the district if you need a computer (cromebook) at home to access home learning. These should be made available for you. If your family needs access to a device or to internet services, please complete the Laptop and Hotspot Request Form. Those who request a laptop and/or hotspot will receive a confirmation email with an assigned day and time to pick up their device.

    Well Hello, I hope this finds you well and healthy.

    Keep up the good work on IXL, for ELA and Math right now focus on percents/ratios. 

    IXL focus on S percents  and R ratios and rates   GO to KHAN Academy to 6th grade ratio /percents


    Writing Strategies K

    Analyzing literature F

    Vocab V context clues

    Email me if you need passwords or log on information 

    Here are some lessons you can be working on. Parents are sharing good resources online Khan Academy for math and the Scholastic Learn at Home program which has had some wonderful articles each day with review questions, math problems, interesting videos, paragraph/essay suggestions, etc. 


    Hopefully you have your Walk Two Moons Packet and your Walk Two Moons book. Finish the book and complete the journal entries and the comprehension questions. Complete the short answer questions as well. Be sure to use complete sentences and be neat.

    We will be writing a persuasive letter next. So start thinking about a topic you feel strongly about. Using evidence and reasoning you will try to convince others to accept your point of view in this letter.


    First see if you can access the website for TCI. We started China in class and I assigned the Geography and Early Settlement of China lesson game. See if you can complete this online. Next go to the Shang Dynasty and start reading through the lesson using the online textbook. Your goal will be to complete the lesson game for this unit. WOW! you guys are doing so well. E-mail me if you need a reset.  Move on to the next lesson Three Chinese Philosophies read through the text and complete the lesson game. We will continue through China and move on to Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece later.


    This is the hard one. Go to Pearson Realize and see if you can access the text online. If so go to chapter 11 section one and read through the lesson on Percents. There is a short video lesson and the reteach and practice up for you to do. I wil look for youtube lessons on percents for you as well. Good work!! Continue to chapter 11-2 and complete the assignments for this week. Be sure to go to Kahn Academy, they have video lessons for percents.


    Our next unit is Hazards on the Homefront. This is a science unit about the products we use and how they affect the environment. For starters define the word hazardous. There are online lessons (for teachers) as this unit is designed by King County. After you look at the link see if you can identify the alert words for safe usage for the products you see. There is a data entry page see if you can list the information for four products (copy on to seperate paper) and save for now. Finally list the words and define them. These signal words alert us about products that we may have in our homes. 


    I will be checking in with you to see if you can access this content online. For now finish Walk Two Moons and the China packet if you have it. This is pretty rough but it is a start.