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    Ms. Jordan – 6th Grade – Room 302

    Check Planners Daily for HW

     Usually a Math handout 

    Language Arts

    We are using Call of the Wild for word studies! As I read aloud we investigate new words looking for context clues, root words and author's voice.

    We will finish our Persuasive Essay first draft this week. Look to do a parent edit soon. I will grade the final draft.

    We are working on non-fiction reading and forming a response to thought questions. This continues our work using evidence to support our reasoning in answering these text questions

    We continue to use Springboard curriculum to understand citing a reference and analyzing non fiction text.

     Link for Math Test Orleans Hanna


    Well we are in a Geometry unit on the Coordinate Plane, and we will move into graphing linear functions.


    We will study the Solar System and shadows in space.

    Social Studies

    We are moving on to Egypt after we finish our projects on Mesopotamia


     Looking ahead...
     We can celebrate Valentine's After the break...We will celebrate on Wednesday February 27 12:20-1:20
    February 28 - 6th grade field trip to Kellogg – districted provided transportation, no chaperones needed.
    Ÿ - Kellogg Kelarnival: 6-8pm for 6-8 students. Kellogg staff really likes for the 6th graders to attend.
    March 7th - Kellogg Information Night for 6th grade students and parents, 6:00-8:00 pm
    March 12 - Kellogg registration due at Brookside
    March 13 - Kellogg counselors pick up registration forms