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  • Room 302 Newsletter


    By : Asher, Shane, Kaemon       Edited by : Ms. Jordan


    In ELA we are going to continue to explore different ideas on how to write an essay and short stories. Ms. Jordan is also reading Call of the Wild to us because it uses very descriptive language (which is part of our curriculum). Sometimes we read short stories or short narratives  from our ELA springboard book and we respond using evidence to support our reasoning.  


    In art we have done several things. With the art docents we have made cool designs with squeegees. We are eager for the next art docent because the art that they teach us is always super spectacular. Our art docents are always kind and helpful too. We have also done some superb art with Ms. Jordan. She let us draw our shoe and a fantasy shoe, and then had us describe them and put them on the wall. We have also created an Op Art Display, so  be sure to look at our hall walls.

    Call of The Wild

    We are reading Call of The Wild. Ms. Jordan reads it to us every Tuesday to teach us about descriptive language. The book is about a dog named Buck who is separated from his owner and his dainty life, to go pull sleds up North. This realistic fiction book is a classic novel,  written by Jack London, from the perspective of a dog in Alaska.


    In health we are learning about three main things. Cells, the human respiratory system, and healthy eating. We are thrilled to find out and learn more with the help of Ms. Jordan.

    Sock Hop Gift basket 

            Our class Sock Hop basket is a Seahawks/Sports themed basket .  It will be put on a silent auction at the Sock Hop which is on the 22nd of November. Our class needs some more Seahawk themed items to fill our basket up. Thank you to the parents that have already donated!!! Go Seahawks!!!!Go Sports!!!!!


    (7-8 grade) Math with Ms. Tanaka

    In Ms. Tanaka’s math class we are learning about how people get paid and how to calculate tips and coupons into the equation. We are learning quickly and are getting regular homework from her. We are working hard and giving her our best effort. We also just finished percents and the conversion of percents, fractions, and decimals. We are learning quickly and are encouraged by Mrs. Tanaka to give it our all.


    Math with Ms. Jordan

      In Math we are working with negative and positive numbers, and integers with Mrs. Jordan. We are adding and subtracting these numbers. Our class is doing extremely well with it. We have recently put number lines on our desks, so it is easier to find and count the numbers we are looking for. Our number lines look amazing and we are proud of the work we have done. We usually get five math homework sheets  a week.     


    Social Studies

    We are working on power points with two people groups. The power points are on Social Studies and ancient cities or Science and something in our fascinating Solar System. We researched about ancient cities and Science on our computers. We have watched one Social Studies movie and one Science movie. They were both extremely interesting!!!



    We are looking at the Sun and Moon relationships. We are also redefining shadows. In our last science lesson we learned about why we have seasons. We learned that why we have seasons is because the Earth is at a tilt.  When one side is tilted so that it receives direct rays from the sun, it is in the season of Summer. The other side that is tilted away from the sun is the side that is experiencing Winter.


    Our Class Buddies

    Our class buddies are Mrs.Vincini’s second grade class.  We recently made paper plate ghosts with our lovely buddies and are excited for our next event with them. As quoted from a second grader in her class, “They are really helpful and kind.” The ghosts turned out great and we were impressed with our buddies work too. We did have our ghosts hung up in our classroom for the Halloween party, but we brought them home after Halloween.