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  • Room 302 Newsletter

    January/ February

    Upcoming dates to remember!!!

    6th Grade registration… the week of February 24 - 28

    6th Grade Parent Night at Kellogg… Thursday, February 27

    Registration forms due to teacher on Monday, March 9

    (Picked up by Kellogg counselor on Tuesday, 3/10)

    6th grade visit to Kellogg… Wednesday, February 26

    SPRING OPEN HOUSE…          Thursday, March 5th

    By : Asher, Shane, Kaemon       Edited by : Ms. Jordan


    In ELA we are going to continue to explore different ideas on how to write an essay and short stories and we are also going to be finishing our Camp Orkila essay. We finished Call Of The Wild and also watched the movie twice. 


    In art we have done several things. With the art docents we have made cool designs with squeegees. We are eager for the next art docent because the art that they teach us is always super spectacular. Our art docents are always kind and helpful too. We have also done some superb art with Ms. Jordan. She let us draw our shoe and a fantasy shoe, and then had us describe them and put them on the wall. We have also created an Op Art Display, so  be sure to look at our hall walls.


    In health we continue to discuss caring for ourselves, our bodies,and minds and continue to make wiser choices too have a healthy body.  We will be learning about HIV/AIDS prevention and growth and development as well. If you have concerns about this please contact me so we can preview the curriculum.


    (7-8 grade) Math with Ms. Tanaka

    With Ms. Tanaka we are learning about Scientific Notation. We have made posters and videos on Flip - Grid and are ready and willing to learn more on this intriguing topic. Ms. Tanaka continues to teach us to the best of her ability and we are excited to continue math with her. We also continue to go deeper into negative integers. 

    Math with Ms. Jordan  

    In math with Ms. Jordan we are learning algebra. We use variables and we find the number that is equal to the variable. We use multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.  For example: 136-a=49. Then you find the correct number that equals the variables. Mrs. Jordan likes to teach us harder math then the book, so we are ready for middle school. She is a marvelous math teacher!   

    Social Studies

    We are working on power points with two people groups. The power points are on  ancient cities,ancient gods, and ancient Egyptians lifestyle. We enjoyed working with our peers to make the best slide shows possible.

    Our Class Buddies

    The last project that we completed with our class buddies was our snowflake project. We learned how to make both 2d and 3d snowflakes. We are excited for the next time Ms. Vincini’s class comes to do art with us!