•  Shorecrest Bowling Team and Club     

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Otis Bowling
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  • Everyone is welcome and everyone bowls.

                                       The Bowling Club is organizing for the Fall/Winter season, which runs from                                        
    October through mid-February

     Practices are held Tuesdays from 3:30 - 5:00pm 
     At Spin Alley, 1430 NW Richmond Beach Rd. 

    Practices start on the first Tuesday in  October and will continue through the end of the season.  Please check the events calendar for more information.  We will be forming teams to bowl against other schools.  

    We have room in both Varsity/Scratch and Junior Varsity/Handicapped teams.

    Our High School Northend Travel League rotates locations weekly.  Bowling Meet Locations: Majestic LanesLynnwood, Kenmore and Spin Alley.

    Students must arrange their own transportation to and from both practices and meet locations.

     Practices are $25.00 for the season (if you don't join the league) 
             Fees for bowling are:         
                                    League  of $160.00                                   

    uniform-$43 (one time fee)   

    Completed permission slips and field trip forms are required to participate. (see Documents)

    Looking forward to seeing you at practice.

    Advisor: Veronica Cook    veronica.cook@shorelineschools.org

    Any student or parent with questions or needing more information may contact Veronica Cook