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    Here, you can view students' multimedia projects. Some of them are slideshows, while others are movies. Students worked hard "behind the scenes" to create these projects using FlipGrid, WeVideo, and GoogleSlides apps. Enjoy!

  • Oreos & Phases of the Moon

  • 2019 - 2020 First and Second Graders' Beautiful Oops

  • Fifth and Sixth Graders' Colonial America and Egyptian Mythology Videos (Ms. Sezate's Class, Spring

  • Sixth Graders' Greek Olympians Video Projects

  • Sixth Graders' Passion Projects (Mr. Pozarski's Class, Spring 2019)

  • Mrs. Keeley's Fifth and Sixth Graders' Personification Slide Show

  • Fifth Graders Explain the Dewey Decimal System

  • 2018 - 2019 Third Graders' Dot Day Creations

  • Sixth Grade Book Summaries

  • Sixth Graders' Movies about Egyptian Mythology

  • Haiku by Room 406 Fourth Graders, Spring 2018

  • Haiku by Room 409 Fourth Graders, Spring 2018

  • 3rd and 4th Grade Book Talks

  • Matchbox Memories by Mrs. Rudberg's Fifth Graders, Spring 2018

  • Matchbox Memories by Mrs. Keeley's Fifth and Sixth Graders, Spring 2018