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    "We are proud of you, say we are proud of you xxx"


    Congratulations to the

    2022-2023 Shorecrest Varsity Cheer Squad:

    (In no perticular order)

    Emily Marquez

    Sara Lyon

    Shey Brown

    Golha Bozorgi

    Amanda Selin

    Aishah Dembele

    Bryn Harding

    Paulina Jorgensen

    Mindy Olegario

    Carys Wakefield

    Moxie Klimasauskas

    Cecilia Phillips

    Great job to everyone that went through the tryout process. 
    You learned so much in such a short time and we are so proud of how much you improved throughout the tryouts. 
    -Coach Marissa, Coach Abby, and Coach Amy
    Please wait 24 hours before reaching out to the coach via email.
    For those of you that were selected, you will receive your welcome email tomorrow. 
    Don't forget uniform fittings are Weds at 1pm!
    Follow us on Instagram @shorecrestcheer for more updates.
     Coach's Contact Information:
    Marissa Bower