Welcome to Shorewood Gymnastics

  • T-Bird Gymnastics


     full meet schedule found at www.wescoathletics.com


    2/10 - 2/15

    Monday Off

    Tuesday Off

    Wednesday 2-3:30 pm  GYMagine Gymnastics 3616 South Rd B #3 Mukilteo

    Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm GYMagine Gymnastics

    Friday Off

    Saturday Regionals at GYMagine

    Arrive 3:30 pm

    Meet March In 6:30 pm

    Admission is $7/ adults and students without ASB

    $5 Seniors and Students with ASB 

    2/17- 2/20




    Team Banquet 6:00 pm

    Shorewood High School Library

    Dress up 

    Bring appitizers to share (typically enough for 24 people)


    Email: susriley@hotmail.com   julie.bugai@shorelineschools.org