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    Varsity Coach Arnie Moreno - morenoarnie106@hotmail.com

    Professional Tennis Registry Certified Instructor / Coach

    Junior Varsity Coach Rebecca Moreno - rebecca.moreno@shorelineschools.org

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    First Practice Date : Monday Aug. 26, 2019
    Site : Shorewood HS Tennis Courts
    Athletic packet forms: Please turn in forms by Friday June 14, 2019 or sooner if possible. All athletic forms must be cleared by the business office by first day of practice or before you can participate.
    You can still turn in forms starting August 14th to the SW business office.

    NO GUARANTEES that the forms will be cleared in time for practice on Aug. 20th.

    Times : GROUP #1 2pm to 4pm Returning JV and New Players

    GROUP #2 4pm to 5:30pm
    Varsity team will be 16 – 18 players. Varsity practices will be at Shorewood Courts all season.

    JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM : Cuts may be made to keep the team size to between 16 to 20 on the team. Practices at Shoreview Park courts will start there during first week of tryouts on the Friday of tryouts. First day of JV practice at Shorewood Courts is Friday August 24th. Time to be determined.

    SW Friday practices with different time for both groups. Practice time will be from 3pm to 4pm for JV. 4 to 5pm for Varsity indoor / outdoor practice.

    Wear gym clothes and warm ups/ sweats if weather is cold.

    Bring your own tennis racket. Bring your own water bottle.

    Tennis shoes or court shoes preferred. No running shoes on the courts.

    Ten practices required before competing versus other teams.

    All paperwork must be turned in to Mrs. Magoay in the business office. She will give me the yellow card stamped completed or you will bring it to me.

    Required paperwork/ Sports packet – Sports packet available in the SW Business office or from the coach : Sports physical and insurance information, signed Code of conduct and signed Risk / Safety Agreement form and concussion form.

    Risk / Safety Agreement form goes to Coach Moreno for Varsity and JV coach of JV. This form is now required before you tryout or practice.

    Pay your fees. ASB $ 40.00 and Participation fee $ 100.00


    During regular school days

    JV and Varsity practice starting Early will be 3 to 4:30pm or Late 4:30 to 6pm.

    Website for NCAA eligibility information for Parents, coaches and administrators

    Information on what it takes for your student athlete to become eligible for Div. 1 and Div. 2 athletics.


    Here are a couple websites to help with your game.

    1. A good general site for basic fundamentals at

    2. Study the mechanics of your favorite pro and put them to use in your game athttp://www.playerdevelopment.usta.com/players/


    • No Bus will be scheduled for Varsity matches except -

    • Bus travel roundtrip for Marysville,Oak Harbor, Kamiak, Arlington, Snohomish, Cascade, Everett or any schools in Skagit and Whatcom counties.
    • Varsity players will arrange their own rides to and from away and home matches.
    • All matches start at 3:30pm – All home matches for Varsity and JV at Shorewood Courts
    • Rain cancelled matches will be made up the next available date.

    Optional practices : TBD by need to complete the 10 required practices for playing eligibility.

    Varsity roster Fall 2018

    Captains : Steven Lin and Ari Webb

    Jackson Carroll

    Nicholas Christianson

    Chris Combs

    Chris Cummings

    Erik Ertsgaard

    Derick Han

    Steven Lin

    Matthew Meadows

    Ari Webb


    Shorewood Boys Varsity Tennis History since 2008

    Scott McConnell and Tristan Reni WESCO South 2nd Doubles - District 1 - 2nd Doubles - WIAA State Doubles qualifiers 2008
    Spencer Shin WESCO / District 3rd Singles- WIAA State qualifier 2009
    Scott McConnell and Tristan Reni WESCO / District 1 Doubles Champions
    WIAA 3rd State place Doubles.
    Hunter Nelson and Miles Jamieson WIAA state qualifiers 2010-11
    Hunter Nelson and Miles Jamieson Wesco and District 1 Doubles Champions, State Qualifiers 2011-12

    Hunter Nelson and Miles Jamieson Wesco 3A Doubles Champs, District 1 Doubles Champs, WIAA State Doubles 8th place medal 2012

    District 1 Team Champions 2009

    District 1 Team Champions 2011-12

    District 1 Team Champions 2015-16

    District 1 Team Champions 2017-18

    Wesco South League Champions 2011-12 record 16-0

    Wesco South League Champions 2012-13 record ( 12-1 ) 13-3

    Wesco South League 2nd place record 2013-14 14-2

    Wesco South League Champions record 2014-15 12-0 ( 16-1)

    WesCo South League Champions record 2015-16 11-1 ( 14-1 )

    WesCo South League Champions record 2016-17 9-1 ( 14-2 )

    Wesco South League Champions record 2017-18 10-0 ( 15-1 )

    Cameron McDowell / Stuart Schachle Wesco South Doubles Champions, District 1 Doubles Champions 2012-13, WIAA State qualifiers. 2012-13

    Cameron McDowell / Stuart Schachle Wesco South Doubles Champions, District 1 Doubles Champions 2013-14, WIAA State qualifiers. 2013-14 Logan Keebler Wesco South League Singles 4th place, District 1 qualifier

    2014-15 Cameron McDowell / Jack Bong Wesco South Doubles Champions - McDowell / Bong District 1 Doubles Champion - WIAA State qualifiers

    2014-15 Scott Park / Kyle Berquist Wesco South Doubles 4th - District 1 Doubles 4th place - alternates to WIAA state tennis tournament

    2014-15 Cameron McDowell and Jack Bong WIAA State 3A Tennis Tournament 7th place medals

    Cameron McDowell awarded Best Sportsmanship medal at WIAA State 3A Tennis Tournament

    2015-16 Jack Bong and Andrew Counter WesCo South 6th place doubles

    2015-16 Gunnar Thorstenson WesCo South singles 2nd place and District 1 Singles Champion, WIAA State Tournament qualifier.

    2015-16 Kyle Berquist and Hugh Gaevert WesCo South doubles 4th place and District 1 Doubles Champions, WIAA State Tournament qualifiers

    2016-17 Jack Bong and Andrew Counter WesCo South doubles Champions, Peter Smith and Joseph Jang 6th doubles, Gunnar Thorstenson 2nd singles, Steven Lin 4th singles. Bong, Counter, Lin and Thorstenson qualify for District 1 tournament.

    2016-17 Gunnar Thorstenson Wesco South singles Champion - placed 3rd in District 1 singles and 4th place WIAA State Tournament.

    2017-18 Gunnar Thorstenson 3rd Wesco South - District 1 singles Champion - WIAA State 8th place Singles

    2017-18 Andrew Counter / Steven Lin Wesco South and District 1 doubles Champions - WIAA State qualifiers