Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lori Scobie

This is my 3rd year as Lake Forest Park's half time Instructional Coach!  I'm part of a cohort of elementary coaches throughout the Shoreline School District who each serve in two buildings.  My other building is Parkwood Elementary.  In this role I support teachers in their work with students in many ways including (but not limited to):

⇒ Serving as a "thought partner" to work through ideas or struggles

⇒ Co-planning units or lessons

⇒ Co-teaching, observing or modeling lessons

⇒ Gathering materials or researching topics

⇒ Encouraging mindful focus on equity in our classrooms

⇒ Facilitating Professional Development for whole staff or teams

⇒ Leading Book Studies

⇒ Collaborating around student data and decisions to improve student growth

⇒ Bringing new ideas to the staff based in best practices

⇒ Enhancing teacher growth in their chosen area


I support all teachers at any stage of their teaching career who are interested in growing in their practice and honing their craft.  2018-2019 is sure to be another great year of coaching at LFP!


~ Lori Scobie

Office in the library