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Mrs. Pihl

Welcome to Pihl World!

Kindergarten 2018-2019

Pihl World is a happy, fun, safe community where our motto is "It's OK to make mistakes."  We will be busy learning and working together.

Mrs. Pihl Top 5 Fun Facts


1.  This is my 25th year of teaching.

2. Two of my children are teachers.  Kristi teaches 1st grade at Cedar Way Elementary in Edmonds.  Kyle teaches Algebra and Probability/Statistics at Burlington-Edison High School in Burlington.

3. My cat Lucy can tell time.  She knows I get up at 5:00 in the morning for school so she taps me on the head to wake me up.  Now I just need to teach her the days of the week!



4. I spent most of last summer in Seaside, Oregon.

5. I have a collection of over 150 monkeys.  My last name is pronounced "Peel" so early on kids thought. . . .peel. . . bananas. . .monkeys like bananas. . . . Mrs. Pihl must love monkeys.  I do!