Reading Counts

Reading Counts

  • What is Reading Counts?

    Reading Counts! is an independent reading program that combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment.

    With Scholastic Reading Counts! students have a Lexile®-based independent reading program that tracks their success on the books they read, in and out of school. This technology-based program creates a personalized and engaging learning environment that ensures independent reading accountability.  

    A Lexile measure is a unit for measuring text difficulty based on the variables of semantic difficulty and syntax. Semantic difficulty refers to the level of familiarity or frequency of the text’s vocabulary whereas syntax refers to the level of difficulty in terms of sentence length. The developmental Lexile scale ranges from below 200L for beginning-reader level to 1700L for advanced level.    

    Generally students begin the Reading Counts Program when they are in 2nd Grade, however if a teacher and parent believe a student's reading ability and comprehension are ready prior to 2nd grade an assessment can be performed by the teacher to determine eligibility.

    How does Reading Counts work?
    A student reads a book and takes the corresponding quiz. Reading Counts automatically generates a quiz that meets each student's reading needs.

    If the student scores 80% or higher, they turn in that book and select another.  

    Teachers provide lexile ranges to students.

    Quizzes must be taken at school. Click here to access the login page.