Email Safe List Information

  • We have recently been made aware that some of our emails coming from email addresses with the or domains are being blocked by certain email services, such as Hotmail and AOL. It’s possible other email services are also affected. This is caused by their spam filtering software thinking emails from these domains are spam because some recipients have marked emails they’ve received from them as being spam or are not opening the emails before deleting.

    To ensure you continue to receive emails from our schools and staff, please add and to the “safe list” in your email settings.

    Below are instructions for adding an email domain to your safelist for Hotmail, Outlook, Live and MSN. Instructions for other email services can be found in your help settings or here.


    In the options screen, under Mail / Junk email is the Safe senders option. In the provided field, enter the domains and and click on the + icon to add the domain. Click on Save near the top of the window. The rule takes a couple of hours to take effect.

    Screenshot of Outlook mail settings

    Screenshot of adding safe list to email account