• Congratulations to the following students who have been cast in Into the Woods Jr.

    Narrator 1 - Fiona Nelson

    Narrator 2 - Piper Berkowitz

    Cinderella - Harper Flynt

    Jack - Mario Reich

    Jack’s Mother - Thea Rowden

    Baker - Jude Ziliak

    Baker’s Wife - Kylie Pearson

    Little Red Ridinghood - Elizabeth Howlett

    Witch - Sofia Vila Vignali

    Cinderella’s Prince - Grady Lee

    Cinderella’s Stepmother - Abby Crum

    Florinda - Sienna Mikesell

    Lucinda - Grace Moore

    Cinderella’s Father - William Bender

    Cinderella’s Mother - Gabby Thompson

    Rapunzel - Maddie Eaves

    Rapunzel’s Prince - Jane Amlin

    Mysterious Man/Person - Flora Cummings

    Wolf - Sofia Morgun

    Granny - Tja Reicher

    Steward - Dustin Wagner

     Milk White - Veda Sittig-Bell

    Ensemble:  Naomi Kolmer, Troi Moore, Ivka Boguszewski, Alyssa Ripee, Lauren Rohde, Tess McKee, Gracie Shore, Veda Sitting-Bell, Mikayla Weary

    For the students who were called back but not cast in the show, please know that not being right for a particular role does not mean that you are not right for theater. Keep working, keep learning, and keep reaching for your dreams. The judge panel has offered to provide specific feedback to anyone that participated in call backs that would like to know how and what to improve for future auditions. Please email Kelly Flynt ( if you would like the judges feedback.