2021 Senior Information

  • Go to the new Yearbook - Horizons page for Senior specific information.


    Senior Class Meeting - October 22, during SAS - click HERE if you missed the meeting or want to see the slides again.  Direct links for ordering caps/gowns are below.  Prices go up after Nov. 1.




    Graduation Orders from Jostens


    These next links will take you to the Josten's website.  Packets can also be picked up outside the main entrance.

    CAP and GOWN Ordering - for the basic package needed for graduation (NEW DEADLINE - cap, gown, tassel, and stole = $49 if ordered by Nov. 21, after that price goes up to $69)

    ALL the OPTIONS - cap/gown, announcements, jewelry, senior apparel, etc. (prices vary)

    If you already have a gown and cap, and just need the new stole and tassel, you can purchase just those items starting in January.  Contact Jostens directly at 360-653-9102 (starting in January).

    Email your counselor if you need help with getting items for graduation.  We do have a number of these that we can loan out to students in June.


2019 Graduates- Congratulations!

Class of 2021 Graduation

  • Thank you to Mr. V for taking photos during the drive-through drop-off and yearbook pick-up last week, and during the drive-through graduation this week.  Links to both events will be posted in a few days.


    Senior Instructions 

    Like everything in the spring of your Senior year, things will be handled differently for collection of school property and yearbook distribution. All activities will be in the student parking lot and all students must remain in their car at all times. Students who choose to walk can be accommodated and should follow all social distancing guidelines.
    Driving route:
        Enter from 175th only - front of building entrance
        Turn left toward front of building entrance
        Main Entrance Door – Pay fees or fines if that applies, if not, keep moving
        Circle around to the student lot
        Station 1– ID checked and name put on dashboard
       1100 Wing Door -Station 2 – Picture of you in your graduation cap
       1300 Wing Door - Station 3– Turn in Chromebook, Textbooks, Library Books, etc.
       1500 Wing Door - Station 4–Senior t-shirts for all, Yearbooks if pre-purchased
       Come out of student lot into bus loop – Turn left toward bus loop entrance door
       Bus Loop Door - Station 5– Video of you moving your tassel from right to left
       Exit onto Fremont Ave from bus loop

    To think about ahead of time:
    *Covid restrictions apply - everyone must stay in their car and wear a mask if possible. Walkers need to observe social distancing rules and wear a mask if possible.
    *Bring picture identification.
    *Wear your decorated graduation cap and tassel! As part of our year-end activities, we will take photos of you in your cap and videotape you turning your tassel.
    *Only members of your household should be in your car. If not observed, people will be directed to the exit immediately.
    *Bring all textbooks – write your name and teacher’s name inside front cover of book or on a sticky note inside front cover.
    *Chromebooks –Tape charger and cord to Chrome book or put in a sack together.
    *Library books – Find them all! Look under your bed, bottom of your backpack, look everywhere!
    *A parent/guardian can complete this process for a student if necessary--just bring their photo ID.

    In order to accommodate everyone, please plan to arrive during the time window listed below:
    Last name:
      A – Chew Wednesday, June 10 12:30 – 1:30
      Chr – Gra Wednesday, June 10 1:30 - 2:30
      Gri – Lind Wednesday, June 10 2:30 – 3:30
      Lo – N Thursday, June 11 12:30 – 1:30
      O – Sm Thursday, June 11 1:30 – 2:30
      Sn – Z Thursday, June 11 2:30 – 3:30


    Senior Check Out