• Welcome to the Family Advocate web page.
    Welcome to the school year at Echo Lake Elementary.  We are Thelma Treperinas and Becca Fabia and we are your Family Advocates here at Echo Lake Elementary School.
    Family Advocates partner closely with families, students, and staff in order to provide support and resources to meet the needs of our families. One of the most important tasks that we can do as Family Advocates is to develop meaningful relationships with the students and families at our school.

    Here are some ways the Family Advocates might be of assistance to you:

    1. Provide general information and clarification about school.
    2. Collaborate with you and school staff to improve your child's learning and school performance.
    3. Connect your family to resources in the community.
    4. Advocate for you or your child to receive needed services.
    5. Provide social, emotional and behavioral support for your child.
    6. Provide support and resources to your child and family in times of crisis.

    If your family needs assistance getting started this school year (or throughout the year) please do not hesitate to contact one of the Family Advocates.  We look forward to working together for a happy and successful school year!  Our contact information is:


    Thelma Treperinas - thelma.treperinas@ssd412.org
    Becca Fabia - becca.fabia@ssd412.org

    Please click on  "Links" for a variety of information for families