Student Publications

  • Loch (Yearbook)

    Purchase a 2020 Loch Yearbook for only $65.00 with ASB and $75.00 without ASB. Buy online with a credit card or debit card at Order now, supplies are limited and many of the books have been sold already! We will be shipping home to the address on the student’s file in our system.


    Highland Piper (School Newspaper)

    The Highland Piper Newspaper is Shorecrest High School’s very own online media publication! Student voice, opinions, concerns, and interests are what drive these issues, and the new online newspaper offers full-color photographs, videos, online surveys, and more! News stories, Feature articles, Sports, Scot Life, and Arts & Entertainment are a few of our popular categories. We welcome readers, writers, photographers, artists, and all other interested SC students!


    Tattoo (Literary Arts Magazine)

    Shorecrest’s award-winning literary arts magazine, has been publishing student and faculty art and literature since 1963, making it one of Shorecrest's oldest and most treasured student-run clubs. Visual art, essays, poetry, and short fiction are accepted from the students and staff of Shorecrest High School.