Help with Canvas

  • Hello Kellogg Families,


    Welcome to the start of the 2020-2021 school year at Kellogg Middle School. We are glad to welcome you to or back to our inclusive community. Part of our community involves communicating to you about your child’s progress in their classes. Shoreline Schools uses a learning management system called Canvas to communicate to you about your child’s academic progress in each of their classes. Through Canvas, you can see learning targets, assignments, and grades.


    In order to log into Canvas, you will need to setup a parent observer account. If you are the parent of an 8th grade student who attended Kellogg last year, you may have already created an account and do not need to do the following steps. If you forgot your password to your previously created account, you can follow the same instructions below to create a new password. You will need to follow the five steps below in order to create an account or reset your password.


    1. To log in, navigate to in a browser.
    2. If you are a new user to Canvas, click the “Parent of a Canvas User” link in the upper right-hand corner of the window and follow the steps. You will need your child’s username (their initials + student number—i.e. pw0123456—they will likely know this) and their password.
    3. If you already have an account and have forgotten your password, type your email username into the username field and then click Forgot My Password.  Canvas will send a link to your email username for setting your password.
    4. Check your inbox and click on the reset password link.   At the password reset screen that will open, enter the password you wish to use with Canvas.
    5. After you have reset your password, you will be taken to the Canvas Dashboard. You will see all Canvas courses that are currently active for your student.  
    6. Click on a course title.  On the left hand course sidebar you will see Assignments and Grades.  Click on Grades to view your student’s current progress in their course.  If you see an assignment with a speaker and red line through it, that is a muted assignment.  This setting allows the instructors to keep the assignment accessible for student and parent viewing but delays release of score information until instructor is ready.  This is useful in cases like extended learning projects that take several days for an instructor to assess.  They can continue data entry and “unmute” an assignment.  Scroll to the right to see the total overall grade for the course.
    7. For creating an account with an iOS or Android mobile device, please reference the following link and scroll down to “Setting Up Canvas Parent Mobile App”:


    If you have questions or input about your Canvas observer account, please contact a Shoreline instructional technology specialist: Paul Witzel


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