About Our Dual Language Program

  • Shoreline’s Dual Language Program serves native speakers of Spanish and English at Briarcrest Elementary School and Kellogg Middle School. The three goals for all participating students are:

    • Bilingualism and biliteracy
    • High academic achievement
    • Cross-cultural understanding

    In order to achieve these goals, our program includes the following features:

    • Each classroom will have an equal number of students whose primary languages are English or Spanish
    • Students will work together in cooperative groups and with their “bilingual buddy”
    • Teachers will teach solely in the designated language of that class with no translation
    • In younger grades, 80% of the day's instruction will be in Spanish, 20% in Engilsh
    • By 3rd grade, 50% of each day will be taught in Spanish and the other 50% in English
    • Students will be taught to develop bridges between what they have learned in one language for use in their second language
    • Ongoing language acquisition and academic assessment to determine student needs will be performed in both languages
    • Content will be taught through enriched education
3 pillars of bilingual education detail on school bulletin board

Program Goals

  • High Academic Achievement

    • Students will develop skills at or above grade level in all academic areas

    Bilingualism and biliteracy

    • Students will emerge from the program comfortable and fluent in both Spanish and English communication. They will write and read both languages at equal skill levels

    High self esteem and sense of identity

    • Through development of their primary language, learners will learn to value their cultural background. By becoming bilingual and biliterate, they will learn to recognize their own potential

    Cross-cultural awareness

    • As they communicate across language barriers, students will learn to respect and appreciate the diversity of people and cultures

    Cooperative problem-solving

    • To help children work together and to value each other, the program emphasizes cooperative learning and problem solving

Program Benefits

  • Cognitive

    • Supports intellectual growth and enhances mental development
    • Creates more flexibility and creativity in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ability to listen


    • Ability to communicate with those who speak another language
    • Respect the role language has in cultural identity
    • Experience different cultures and people
    • Bolsters pride in a student's own family culture

  • Language Allocation

    Shoreline’s Dual Language Program uses an 80/20 language allocation model in the younger grades. In Kindergarten, 80% of the instruction is in Spanish, and 20% is in English.

    In 3rd grade and beyond, 50% of instruction takes place in Spanish and 50% takes place in English. The 6th grade classes taught in Spanish at Kellogg Middle School are Humanities (Social Studies and Literacy), Science, and Round Table.

    See the kindergarten - grade 6 language allocation model

  • Curriculum and Instruction

    The curriculum and instruction within our Dual Language model is anchored in the concept of the development of biliteracy, which recognizes and builds on the cultural, linguistic, and academic repertoires of students and teachers, as articulated by the Center for Teaching for Biliteracy. Teachers in Shoreline’s Dual Language program utilize the Bilingual Unit Framework (BUF) model to design instruction in both Spanish and English.

  • Assessment

    We monitor students’ academic progress using a variety of district and state assessments. In order to monitor how students are developing biliteracy, beginning in first grade we use the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) its partner assessment in Spanish, Evaluación del Desarrollo de la Lectura (EDL), together to see a full picture of each student as a reader in both English and Spanish. 

  • Family Involvement

    Parent/Guardian involvement and commitment are essential to the success of students in the program. Before enrolling in the program, parents/guardians must make a commitment to:

    • Maintain the student’s continuous enrollment in the program
    • With supporting materials from school, work with the child at home in their native language to continue to develop her/his language and academic skills
    • Aspire to learn in their child’s second language
    • Participate in parent meetings and school functions
    • Serve as advocates for the program
  • For more information on our Dual Language Program, please contact: 

    Maria Treviño, Dual Language Program Coordinator

    Derek Dalasta, Briarcrest Elementary School Principal

    Becca Thompson, Kellogg Middle School Principal

    Ellen Kaje, Ph.D., Director of Categorical Programs and Academic Support