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    • Understanding Scholastic Reading Counts and the Scholastic Reading Inventory
      On this page you will find much of what you will need to understand our independent reading program at Highland Terrace.
    • Highland Terrace teachers use the Lexile Measurement system to assess a student’s reading comprehension and help them find books that are “just right” to read. The classroom teachers guide each student to find books that are just right for their age and maturity. The Lexile system is one of several considerations; a student’s motivation to read, their interests, experiences, abilities, maturity, and reading stamina are also considered.
    • Students take the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) test to determine their Lexile range. The SRI test is an online test that involves reading a series of short passages taken from fiction and nonfiction books and articles. After each passage, the student is asked to complete a fill-in-the-blank sentence. Students will take this test four times per year to monitor progress. A student’s score on the SRI test will determine their Lexile range.
      Click here to view a sample question from the SRI test.


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    • Click here to Take the SRI Test.
    • Click here to view Lexile benchmarks by grade level.
      Once they know their Lexile range, students select books from our Library or classroom books. Teachers encourage students to read at their Lexile range across many genres of fiction and non-fiction books. In addition to checking out Lexiled books, students are encouraged to check out “choice” books that do not have a Lexile level.
      Thousands of books have been “Lexiled” and it is easy for a teacher, student, or parent to look up the Lexile level of a book. If you have books from home or the public library, you can click here to search for the Lexile level of a book. This site will also allow you to create and print lists of books in a specific Lexile range.
      You can search our online Library catalog
       for books at a specific Lexile by performing a “Target Audience” search followed by a Lexile number. Example: Target Audience: 570
      When selecting a book, it’s important to think about its intended audience. Books written for older readers are often at higher Lexile levels. We encourage readers to recognize that classic, “too good to miss” books are found at all Lexile levels.
      Reading Counts is an independent reading accountability program that measures and tracks a student’s reading progress. Students demonstrate their understanding of a book by completing a short comprehension quiz on the computer. The types of questions on a Reading Counts quiz include; recall and knowledge, author study, summarizing, cause and effect, sequencing, vocabulary, identifying information within the text, main idea and detail. Teachers may allow a student to retake the quiz if they score low and choose to reread the book.
      Our school has access to every Reading Counts quiz. If your child reads a book at home that is not available in our library, they may search the available quizzes
      . If they find there is a quiz for the book, they can take the quiz at school. Students do not move up in Lexile level by taking Reading Counts quizzes; instead, a student’s Lexile range is adjusted as the classroom teacher assesses each student’s reading growth and students take the SRI test. Click here to view a sample question from a Reading Counts quiz.
      Ultimately, students should be applying the reading strategies they have learned in the classroom to their independent reading. The true test of comprehension lies in their ability to apply these skills to each book they read.



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