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    We need an Abundance to make our library run smoothly!

    The Highland Terrace Library is a wonderful, busy place with excellent resources for students, staff, and parents to share. Volunteers assist with  shelving books, decorating library with bulletin boards and displays, sometimes help with routine circulation desk tasks, sometimes help students locate materials, and help with light cleaning. Thank you for your interest in helping our students in the library! Your active participation shows your children how much you value libraries, books, and reading -- a powerful message! HT Librarian, Mrs. Alicia Wilson 


    If you are interested in helping out this year, click on the link below:

    I would love to sign up!

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  • Alicia Wilson: Librarian

    For 12 years I have had the joy of teaching Kindergarten through ninth grade students. It has been really fun and a privilege to work as a Library Media Specialist for elementary students in the past five years.


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    (Road Trip with husband Evans-2016)

    Growing up in Texas, there were two passions that I had: football and reading! At a very young age I discovered the magic and whimsy books held and was reading all the time. (It’s no surprise that one of my favorite genres is sports fiction.) I had (and still do have) the habit of discovering authors that I love and then set out to read everything he or she has published.

    Reading is one of life's most valuable gifts. As a teacher librarian, I strive to make reading enjoyable, resourceful and fun! I also strive to team with our classroom teachers by supporting their instruction to students with library and resource skills.

    My husband and I are almost empty nesters of a blended family of 5 kids. While we are trying to figure out this new stage in our lives, we’ve taken to going to the gym as well as discovering incredible adventures on road trips around the country.

  • Lorelle Pashley: Library Technician

    Lorelle Pashley has a B.A. in History from the University of Washington. This means a lot of time was spent researching in the library, which has always been one of her favorite places.

    Ms. Pashley has three adult children. When her children were at Highland Terrace she spent so much time in the library that when a job opened for the Library Technician in 1997, it just seemed to be the right place for her to be.