Health Services Overview

  • Welcome to Shoreline School District Health Services!

    The health and well-being of students is critical to their engagement and success in school.  Shoreline School District has a Registered Nurse in every building who works daily to promote student health and wellness.

    Your school nurse responds to student injuries and illness, manages chronic health conditions, works to prevent infectious disease, and is a resource for students, parents and staff. If you have any question about your student’s health, your school nurse should be your first contact.

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    All immunization documentation should be turned in to your school by the first day of attendance (September 2nd for Grades 1-12 and September 8th for kindergarten and preschool). Valid documentation includes medical records showing vaccination, evidence of immunity to the disease the vaccine prevents, or a completed Certificate of Exemption (COE) form.

    For this school year:

    • Shoreline School District WILL NOT exclude any student from ON-LINE learning activities for missing immunizations or exemption paperwork.
    • Shoreline School District WILL exclude students from IN-PERSON learning for missing immunizations or exemption paperwork. In-person learning includes being on campus for any reason, including childcare, small group work or extracurricular activities.

    Please contact your school nurse for individual questions about your student's immunizations. More about current immunization compliance from the Department of Health can be found here.


    Novel coronavirus

    Please see our Shoreline School District novel coronavirus webpage for up-to-date information.

  • New Immunization Rules coming August 2020

    Starting for students enrolling in August 2020, all immunizations submitted to schools must be medically-verified. Examples of medically-verified immunization records include:

    • A Certificate of Immunization printed from the Washington State Immunization Information System 
    • A medical record from a healthcare provider with their name and signature
    • A medical record with an official health facility or provider logo/stamp (for example, a booklet that is stamped with the date, vaccine and clinic)
    • A document from another US state or territory immunization registry

    Go here to learn about for more information about medically verified immunization and new changes coming August 2020.

    Here is more information about new student enrollment at Shoreline School District. 

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