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  • Superintendent's Message: Graduation is a Team Effort

    Rebecca Miner I had the profound honor of witnessing 652 of our Shorecrest and Shorewood seniors graduate high school in June. I was filled with joy as I watched each of these students accept their diploma with a bright smile on their face and an even brighter future awaiting them on the other side.

    A common thread that weaved through the remarks of students and staff during both graduation ceremonies was that the journey to graduation is long and winding and features plenty of helping hands to guide students along the way.

    I could not help but reflect on the paths these students had taken to reach that moment of success. I thought about the many staff, volunteers and families who had helped guide each student to that point. Many people have committed incredible amounts of time and energy to help each student get across that stage with a diploma in their hand and limitless potential in front of them.

    Graduation is a celebration of teamwork. Crossing the stage represents the teamwork between students, educators, parents, volunteers and everyone in between during those students’ 13-year journey from kindergarten to graduation.

    I want to thank every single person who played a part in supporting the success of these students. Whether you actively participated in our students’ education or supported our schools through bonds and levies, you have been an important part of these students’ journey. Thank you! The gift you have given our graduates and our future is priceless.

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