Transportation Request Form


  Students have been assigned routes and bus stops based on their home address. If your student(s) want transportation to/from a different address, please indicate on the form the new address you are looking for. Transportation to/from childcare facilities will only be provided if the childcare facility is located within transportation boundary of the school your child is attending. Transportation to/from childcare facilities will be provided only if student rider counts will allow.

Out Of Boundary students (a student who attends a school different than the one where your house location specifies) or those who live within the school’s walk area, are allowed to ride a route IF pre-approved by the Transportation Department. Approval will be granted based on seat availability on the bus and is first come, first serve. The assigned bus stop for the students will be determined by the Transportation Department.

Transportation requests for the 2020-2021 school year will not begin to be processed until guidelines allow students to return to school and receive transportation services. Once processing begins, it may take up to four (4) weeks for each request to be completed. Please Do NOT resubmit your request. If you are unsure contact transportation directly with your questions. Completion of a form does not guarantee a bus ride.

Transportation for most students is a privilege and not a required service. Any student who does not follow all of the bus rules may lose this transportation privilege.
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