• Shoreline Schools Budget Frequently Asked Questions

    Shoreline School District is currently in the process of rebalancing the budget in light of declining revenues and decreased enrollment in recent years.

    The district faces a significant overspending of estimated available revenue and a depletion of our fund balance (or "savings account”). Mitigation measures will be necessary to reduce expenditures enough to balance the budget and ensure we have adequate fund balance for unexpected expenses.

    The questions posed below have been gathered from a wide variety of sources, including in-person meetings with Shoreline Schools staff, students, and family groups; questions posed by the Budget Advisory Team; public comment submitted online and during School Board meetings; and direct communication to district administration. While there may be other questions and wonderings, the information provided here is intended to provide a robust and transparent look at the financial position the district is in.

  • What is the current budget issue?

  • What does lost enrollment mean?

  • What is regionalization?

  • What is an IPD?

  • Didn’t the legislature fully fund schools after the McCleary lawsuit/decision?

  • Did the District receive pandemic relief monies?

  • How was the budget issue discovered? This is different from what I thought.

  • What is the forecasted deficit for 2023-24?

  • What is the process to make budget adjustments?

  • What is the budget timeline?

  • When does the budget planning cycle start?

  • What is ahead from now until we adopt a budget?

  • How long will the budget realignment process take?

  • What has the district done so far to respond to this issue?

  • What happens after this year and next year? 24-25? Beyond?