• Elementary School Dual Language Program Enrollment

    Kindergarten Enrollment at Briarcrest Elementary

    • First preference for kindergarten enrollment in the Dual Language Program (DL) is given to students in the Briarcrest service area. The remaining spots will be offered to other Shoreline Schools students whose parent/guardian(s) expressed interest during enrollment. Once spots are filled, the remaining students will be added to the DL waitlist.
    • Students of siblings currently enrolled in DL have priority and may comprise up to 50% of the enrollment per language group.
    • If the number of applicants with siblings at the time of the lottery exceeds 50% of the available kindergarten spaces, a sibling lottery will be conducted.
    • Kindergarten students with siblings in the program who are not selected for admission via sibling lottery will be included in the non-sibling Briarcrest DL lottery.
    • If they are not chosen for a spot in the Dual Language Program through that process, they will then become a part of the general kindergarten registration and added to the DL waitlist.


    Enrollment Steps and Timeline for Briarcrest Students

    • February:
    • March: Students will be selected by lottery to fill 80% of seats in each language (Spanish and English)
      • Interested students not selected in the March lottery will be added to the May lottery
      • Student entry task will be required for verification of native Spanish language.
    • May: Students will be selected by lottery to fill remaining 20% of seats in each language (Spanish and English)
    • After February of 1st grade, DL no longer accepts students who are not native Spanish speakers*
    • After lottery has been conducted, new inquiries will be added to the waitlist


    Enrollment Timeline for Resident Transfer Students

    • February: Follow the kindergarten timeline and enrollment process at neighborhood school
    • A Spanish entry task may be given to students who are selected into the program after the first semester of 1st grade (successful participation required). Also at this time, DL spots are no longer available for students who are non-native Spanish speakers*
    • District waitlist by language will be created after May, including any new inquiries. Please note that Briarcrest students do have priority on the waitlist*

    *English speakers may be admitted to the program on a case-by-case basis after February 1 of 1st grade, depending on the student’s ability to be successful in the Spanish portions of the day and the family’s ability to support Spanish language acquisition. Students who are on the waitlist will be selected once space is available and they have taken a language assessment.

  • Middle School Dual Language Program Enrollment


    6th Grade at Kellogg Middle School

    Enrollment in the program at Kellogg is an option for bilingual students who can speak and understand Spanish. For the 2022-23 school year, the dual language program is available for 6th grade students and will advance each year with this first cohort.

    Transportation from outside of the Kellogg school boundary is not available at this time.

    To learn more about the dual language program at Kellogg Middle School, contact Maria Treviño, Dual Language Program Coordinator: maria.trevino@ssd412.org