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  • In light of declining revenues and decreased enrollment in recent years, Shoreline School District is engaged in proactive budget planning work. Learn more about the 2023-24 Shoreline Schools budget outlook.


    The Budget Advisory Team (BAT) is a diverse group of parents/guardians, staff, students, and community members who represent a wide range of perspectives. The team will review the district’s current and projected budget challenges and the factors that influence school funding and spending. The BAT will work together to develop recommended budget priorities, adjustments, and reductions to present to the School Board in early spring. Budget Advisory Team membership list

    If you would like to understand more about the current budget challenge, we invite you to view recordings of presentations shared with the School Board at the December 13 School Board meeting and the February 14 Board meeting.

    If you have a suggestion that you think the team should consider, please send it to: budget.advteam@ssd412.org


  • Those interested in learning more about school funding in the state may wish to read the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's "Organization and Financing of Washington’s Public Schools," which attempts to make the complex subject of school finance understandable to the general public. It is written for school board members, legislators, educators, and interested citizens. 

Budget Advisory Team Meetings

  • Monday, February 27, 2023

    Meeting Agenda:

    • Welcome and Update
    • BAT Report Draft
    • Review Community Survey Information
    • Review and Prioritize Areas for Consideration
    • Share Prioritization Outcomes
    • Wrap-up and Next Steps for BAT

    February 27 presentation slidesVideo Recording


    Monday, February 6, 2023

    Meeting Agenda:

    • Welcome, Agenda 
    • Budget Advisory Team and Budget Process Updates
    • Sharing Values and Priorities
    • Providing Input and Feedback on Community Survey
    • “Other” Budget Areas to Consider
    • Wrap-up and Thank You

    February 6 presentation slides


    Monday, January 9, 2023

    Meeting Agenda:

    • Introductions, Agenda, Schedule
    • Current Year Budget Update
    • Budget Review/Refresh
    • Discussion of Budget Parameters/Scenario Related to Charge
    • Charge for BAT from the School Board and Superintendent Reyes
    • BAT Collaboration

    January 9 presentation slides


    Monday, December 5, 2022

    Meeting Agenda:

    • Introductions, Agenda, Schedule
    • Norms Work Update
    • Academic Achievement & Vision
      • Instruction
      • Special Education
      • Categorical Programs
    • Legislative Overview
    • Current Status Update
    • Survey Tool

    December 5 presentation slides


    Monday, November 14, 2022

    Meeting Agenda:

    • Introductions, Agenda, Schedule
    • Engaging Minds, Inspiring Dreams, Empowering Lives – Greetings from Superintendent Reyes
    • Race & Equity Impact Decision-Making Tool
    • Update on Norms Work Underway
    • Revenue 101
    • Expenditures 101
    • Questions/Collaboration
    • Survey Tool/Collaboration

    November 14 presentation slides


    Monday, November 7, 2022

    Meeting Agenda:

    • Introductions
    • Anticipated schedule for BAT
    • Norms for committee work
    • Discussion of BAT website documents/resources
    • Budget 101
    • Budget issue as of today
    • Fund balance 101
    • Questions/Collaboration

    November 7 presentation slides