• Kellogg has two after school options - Hang Time and Kellogg Clubs. Hang Time is run by Shoreline Parks staff; it has different, fun activities for students to do, like sports, art, video games, etc... To attend Hang Time, your caregivers/parents need to register you a month at a time. We will send out a link for families to register for the following month on the 21st of each month. 

    In addition to Hang Time, Kellogg has several after-school club options for students to join. To attend a Kellogg club, you do not have to register with Hang Time; you can just show up to the club. 

    Here is a list brochure of all the Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg Clubs. And here it is pasted for you as well:

    Kellogg Clubs

    Dungeons and Dragons Club

    Ready to create fictional characters and fight mythical monsters? The Dungeons and Dragons club meets every other Tuesday from 3:20-4:40 in Ms. Chamberlin’s classroom, room 2208. New players are welcome as well as experienced ones so don’t feel shy to join! If you don’t have D&D books and resources, we will have those available for reference.


    Japan and Anime Club

    The Japan & Anime Club is a fun place to experience Japanese culture. We play games, make crafts, observe Japanese holidays, and make new friends. This club is open to all students - you don't have to take Japanese to join.


    AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Club

    AAPI is a club created to make a safe space for students who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander. Please see Ms. Rudberg, Ms. Kelley, or Ms. Young if you would like to join our Canvas page for the meeting date. Click for more information 


    Art Club

    Hello Artists! If you love doing art and would like to have some space to work on projects with friends, consider joining Art Club. We will have an open studio on Thursdays after school. Bring your projects and join our community!


    Knitting Club

    Knitting is for everyone! Come learn how to knit or work on your current project. You are also welcome to hang out doing all fiber art like crochet or felting. Bring your imagination! 


    French Club

    Bonjour! Join us at the French Club to learn more about Francophone culture and the French language.


    TSA Robotics & ENGINEERING Club

    Focuses on all things relating to technology, engineering, & problem-solving, with extra emphasis on robotics - building, testing, improving!  Meetings are every other Tuesday from 3:20 to 4:40 in Mr. Gero’s classroom, Room #1506.  Alternates Tuesdays with the D&D club - so you could be in both without conflict.  You do not need to be in the Engineering & Robotics class to join the club.


    Newspaper Club

    Calling all journalists: news writers, feature writers, sports writers, artists, photographers, editors, layout editors, and puzzle creators! It's time for the next issue of The Troubadour, our school newspaper, to be created! Please join our incredible staff and help to inform, entertain, and capture memories for yourself and your fellow students. Our meetings will be twice a month during Round Table, and once a month after school.


    Creative Writer’s Club

    Do you like to write? Want a quiet place to work on your creative writing projects? Want to write a short story or poem to submit to the school newspaper? Come to the Writer’s Club on Thursday, Nov 10! We’ll talk about the craft of writing and how to support each other as creative people. But most of all, WE WILL WRITE! Meet in the Commons after school. Questions? Ask Ms. Sunick in the Counseling Office.