• The Shoreline School Board wishes to encourage the use of school facilities by the community as long as the use is lawful and does not interfere with the district's educational programs, which is the primary purpose of the buildings and grounds.

    Community use of facilities is subject to the terms of District Policy and Procedures 4330/4330P and the current schedule of user fees.  School Board Policy Manual

    Funds may be charged for the use of school facilities to ensure that funds intended for the education of children are not used for other purposes.  Permission to use a particular facility may be denied based on a belief that the activity proposed may not be in the district's interest, or due to the level of previously scheduled use.  No person shall be denied the full enjoyment of the facilities because of race, creed, color, sex or origin.

    Application/Contracts and established fee schedules can be found on the "Documents" tab.

    Facility Use Requests for a particular school district building are first submitted to the individual building for approval.

    Facility Use Requests for all school district fields are submitted to the Shoreline School District Athletic Office for approval.