• Every 10 years, following the U.S. Census, the Shoreline School District is required to redraw its Board of Directors’ districts to ensure equitable geographic representation.


    Redistricting of school board director areas does NOT affect student attendance boundaries.

  • Why Redistrict?

    Redistricting is the process of changing the areas of voting districts so that all districts have the same approximate number of people. There are five Board of Directors’ districts in the Shoreline School District, one for each board seat. Candidates for the Shoreline School Board must run for the seat of the director district in which they live. Having five director districts ensures there is geographic diversity represented on the Board, even though each Board seat is elected by all district voters. This means that although candidates are limited to running only for the seat of the director district in which they live, each of the five directors represents the entire district.

    Redistricting the school board director districts does NOT affect neighborhood school boundaries in any way. Students will continue to attend the same schools as before.

  • As the population in the Shoreline School District has changed over the past 10 years, the process of redistricting our school board director districts ensures the Board’s geographic representation is balanced.

    Our current director districts vary in population from 14,238 to 14,681. The ideal population of each district is 14,418. Hence, the overall population deviation of existing districts is 3.1%, well below the 10% threshold. In contrast with congressional districts, in which overall population deviation must be as close as possible to 0%, school districts are allowed greater leeway (generally under 10% deviation) to respect other district area criteria as mentioned below. The redistricting process can adjust areas to further lower the deviation, per direction of the Board, so that districts are as close to equal as possible, or to keep communities of interest together, another redistricting criterion.


    District Area Criteria

    State law (RCW 29A.76.010) requires that the plan for redrawn school board director areas be consistent with the following criteria:

    • Each internal director, council, or commissioner district shall be as nearly equal in population
    • Each district shall be as compact as possible
    • Each district shall consist of geographically contiguous area
    • Population data may not be used for purposes of favoring or disfavoring any racial group or political party
    • To the extent feasible, the district areas shall coincide with existing recognized natural perimeters
    • To the extent possible, the district areas shall preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest


    Current Director District Areas

    This map shows the current director district areas. Proposed draft maps are posted in the “draft maps” section below. As a reminder, redistricting of school board director areas does NOT affect student attendance boundaries.

    Shoreline School District Existing Districts



















    Click here for full PDF map with school names and street names.

    Final Draft Map

    This final draft map was identified at the May 10 Regular Board Meeting. This map makes slight adjustments to lower the population deviation between districts, making each district population as close to equal as possible. The School Board will vote on adoption of the final map at the May 24 Regular Board Meeting.

    Click here for the draft map package, which included two proposed director district maps that complied with all redistricting criteria. The first draft map is the current director districts. The second draft map is the one identified as the final draft.

    How to Get Involved

    We welcome input from members of the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park communities to the redistricting process.

    • Make a public comment on the final draft map May 16 – May 24. Submit a public comment online.
    • Attend the May 24 Regular Board Meeting at 6:00 pm in person or via Zoom to offer public comment. At this meeting, the School Board will take action to adopt the final map. Meeting information, Zoom link, and materials can be found on the board meetings page.

    Past Meetings

    April 12 Study Session, April 19 Regular Board Meeting, and May 10 Regular Board meeting materials can be found on the board meetings page.

    Redistricting Timeline









    Please contact us via email: public.info@shorelineschools.org.