Enrollment with Multilingual Families

  • Enrollment Guidance for Multilingual Families 

    Guidance for enrolling multilingual families is outlined below. Each family may potentially have different needs and/or circumstances, so feel free to customize this based on your experiences and building procedures. We hope this guidance helps our multilingual families feel welcome and provides you with the resources you need.  

    STEP 1- Ask family which language they would prefer to use in this process. Use this Preferred Language Support chart to help families tell you which language they prefer. (Note: the chart is used in person and allows families to point to their preferred language if they cannot communicate that clearly in English, so you will need to have a hard copy available.)

    STEP 2- If an interpreter at your building is available, ask for support. 

    STEP 3 – If an interpreter is not available, call Language Line (instructions here): Each building has its own code to use.

    STEP 4- If their preferred language is one of the following: Spanish, Amharic, Tigrinya, Vietnamese, or Korean, please have full copies of the registration packet ready to go. Ask if they prefer their native language or English. Be sure multilingual families complete the entire Home Language Survey in their native language if possible, translations available here in 36 languages.

    STEP 5- Make an appointment to schedule an interpreter or use Language Line if they need further assistance with filling out or understanding any forms they receive. An interpreter can be requested by your office manager and the list of available interpreters is here. If we do not have a Shoreline interpreter available, please reach out to our additional language service, either Dynamic or World Language Service  The information for these services is located in the here

    Our end goal in the Shoreline School District is to make sure all families feel welcomed and supported as soon as they walk through our doors. We want to make sure we use any resource available in order to make that happen.