• How we communicate with families

    Shoreline Schools uses a variety of communication tools to inform and engage families, staff, and students. Please take a moment to review the information below to learn about some of these tools are and how they are used. The communication tools used by Shoreline Schools pull contact information directly from students' registration records, so it is important to keep your contact information up-to-date with your children's schools. If your contact information changes, be sure to contact your school office to have it updated.


    ParentSquare is the main communication platform for our schools and district. Communications through ParentSquare can be sent via email, phone call, text (if enabled by user) and/or app notification. It also has a web interface where you can access past posts and school and classroom news and information. Families automatically receive communications through ParentSquare in their preferred language on file. If you need to have your preferred language updated, you can do so by contacting your school office.

    Some of the types of information shared through ParentSquare may include: 

    • School, District and Classroom Communications
    • Current News and Announcements
    • Emergency Alerts
    • Upcoming Events
    • Newsletters
    • Unexcused Absences Alerts
    • Meal Account Balance Alerts
    To reduce the amount of messaging that you get each day, we have set the ParentSquare default to digest, which will collect all of the communication from the district, school, and classroom for all of your students into one message a day. You can change your notification preferences including your preferred language of communication on your ParentSquare account page.  If you have not yet activated your account, you can find instructions on how to do so here.

    ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent and guardian, using the primary email address and phone number you gave your school office when you registered your child. If you do not remember the email address you used, please contact your school office and they can provide it. We encourage parents to access their accounts so they can download the mobile app and update their notification preferences, including opting to receive text messages.

    You can find additional ParentSquare frequently asked questions here.

    Seesaw and Canvas

    Seesaw and Canvas are learning management tools that are primarily used to communicate with families about classroom information. Seesaw is used for grades K-5 and Canvas for grades 6-12. 

    Some of the types of information shared through Seesaw and Canvas may include:
    • Grades
    • Assignments
    • Tests
    • Dues Dates
    • Learning Resources
    You can find login links and instructions for Seesaw and Canvas here

    Family Access

    Skyward Family Access is the information hub for all of your student's registration information, records, reports and more. This resource provides access to real-time information about your child's grades, attendance, report cards, schedule, purchases and payment/balance information on their food services account. Family Access provides safe, secure and easy access to your child's record.

    Parents/guardians can log in to Family Access to find and complete:
    • Registration Information
    • Class Schedules
    • Forms
    • Report Cards
    • Final Grades
    • Assessment Scores
    • Fees and Fines
    • Attendance Records
    • Family Contact Information
    You can find instructions for logging in to Family Access here.


    Peachjar is used to share electronic flyers with families from local and regional non-profit organizations. Approved flyers are sent to families via email and posted to school and district websites. Families are automatically registered to receive Peachjar flyers. You can manage your email flyer notification preferences by logging in to Peachjar here using the email address on file with your child's school. 

    Electronic flyers sent through Peachjar may include:
    • PTA Information and Events 
    • Local Events and Activities
    • Youth Sports and Recreation Leagues
    • Performing Arts Groups
    • Camps and Excursions 
    • And Much More
    If you are part of a non-profit organization that is interested in sharing electronic flyers through Peachjar, you can learn more about the flyer submission process here.  

    Social Media

    You can also follow Shoreline Schools on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo.

    Emergency Communications

    During an emergency, our first priority is to protect our students and staff. When we share information, our goal is to ensure that it’s timely and accurate. We oftentimes are not at liberty to share information from law enforcement, so we communicate what we can, when we can. We urge our families and community to look for an official message from the district through our official communication channels and to avoid sharing unofficial and potentially incorrect information.

    In an emergency situation:
    • Parent/guardians of schools impacted will receive automated phone calls, emails and text messages (if a cell phone number is on file) to alert them to the situation.
    • Parent/guardians of schools impacted will receive a second round of emails and text messages when an emergency situation has ended or when additional information on a current situation is available.
    • Information will also be shared through the school district's website and social media channels, as appropriate.
    What should parents do in an emergency?
    • Remain calm
    • As difficult as it may be, please don't call or go to the school. this keeps phone lines open and reduces traffic and interference for first responders.
    • Avoid contacting your child. Depending on the situation, this can further compromise safety and overload cell systems. If your child contacts you, please remind them to remain calm and follow the directions of school staff and first responders.
    • Be patient and wait for additional information and instructions.

    Weather Delays and Closures

    When winter weather hits, our top priority is the safety of students and staff. We also recognize that school delays and closures disrupt family schedules and the school year may have to be extended. Our district’s geography is taken into account when the decision is made. One part of our area may be clear while other areas are struggling with snow or ice. 

    In the event of a school delay or cancellation, families will be contacted by phone, email and text (if opted in) using our ParenSquare mass notification system. Please be sure your contact information is up-to-date at your child's school.

    You may find school delay/cancellation announcements on local television and radio stations, or online at: www.shorelineschools.orgwww.facebook.com/shorelineschoolswww.instagram.com/shorelineschools, or www.twitter.com/shorelinek12