About the Library

  • Visiting the Library

    Students will come to the library for a lesson and checkout once a week. Please help your child remember to bring their library book back on their library day. You can see the schedule HERE.

    Students may come to the library on other days between 9:30 and 3:00, however they must have a library pass indicating they have received permission from their classroom teacher. 


    Checking Out

    • Books and magazines are checked out for a 3 week period. After 3 weeks, books are considered overdue. 
    • Parents will receive a monthly email letting them know what books their child has checked out.
    • Students with 2 or more books overdue may not checkout until books are returned. Parents will receive an email.
    • If you cannot find the book, check with Mrs. Altena to see if the book was accidentally re-shelved without being checked in on the computer.
    • Books may be renewed once unless there is a waiting list for the book.
    • The number of books a student may checkout depends on grade level as follows:
      • Kindergarten - 1 book
      • First Grade - 2 books
      • Second Grade - 3 books
      • Third Grade - 4 books
      • Fourth Grade - 4 books
      • Fifth Grade - 5 books

    Damaged and Lost Books

    • Water bottles are the #1 reason books are damaged.  Please remind students to keep their water bottle away from their book.
    • Students should bring damaged books to the library as soon as possible.
    • Damaged or lost books should be paid for or replaced with a new book.
    • If you are unable to pay for or replace the book, contact Mrs. Altena HERE.