K-5 General Education and K-12 Self-Contained Classrooms Registration Information

  • Dear Families of Students in K-5 General Education and K-12 Special Education Self-Contained Classrooms,

    As we indicated in our weekly update, you have an opportunity to change the learning model for your child from either in-person hybrid learning or 100% remote learning. This change will take effect starting on April 26 through the remainder of the school year. Whether you are choosing to change your child’s learning model or continue with the one they are currently in, we ask that every family complete the registration process for each of their children in K-5 general education and K-12 special education self-contained classrooms.

    Registration for each student will be done through Family Access and must be complete by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 2. Log-in instructions can be found HERE. If you have difficulty accessing the system, your school office staff will be happy to help you enter the information for your child.

    Please note that if more than one family is listed for your child in our system, the form will only appear for whoever is listed as Family 1 in our student information system to prevent duplicate registration. 

    Before completing your registration, please read the following information completely:

    School and Classroom Assignments

    We do not expect that students who are currently in in-person hybrid learning and continue in that learning model will experience changes to their teacher or school assignments.

    Due to the complexities of staffing and depending on how many students move from 100% remote to in-person hybrid learning or vice versa, students who change learning models may possibly be assigned to a different teacher and/or school for the remainder of the school year. School administrators and staff will focus on minimizing any of these changes and offer support when they cannot be avoided.

    Learning Schedules (Find Daily Schedules Here)

    There is no change to the elementary schedule; the secondary schedule for self-contained special education classrooms will change to align with the revised secondary hybrid instructional schedule. A detailed schedule will be shared with those families soon.

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

              a. In-Person Hybrid Students: IN-PERSON and REMOTE instruction. Hybrid students are placed in one of two cohorts. Cohort A attends school in-person in the mornings and does remote learning in the afternoon. Cohort B attends in-person school in the afternoon and remote learning in the morning.
              b. 100% Remote Students: ALL REMOTE instruction and services.


              a. ALL STUDENTS REMOTE instruction and services.

    Transportation and Meals

    Students who attend school on-site will be offered:

    • Transportation services according to their normal eligibility, such as distance from school and IEP eligibility.
    • Students on campus only for the morning or afternoon will not eat at school; however, the weekly meal box program will continue to be offered until the end of the school year for students to have those meals at home.


    You can find our Shoreline COVID-19 Safety Guide hereto learn about. Some of the general protocols include:

    • Masks must be worn by all staff and students when on campus or school buses.
    • Families are expected to provide their own masks for their children, but schools will have an emergency supply for those who do not.
    • Families must complete an attestation that their student is symptom-free prior to attending school each day.
    • Classroom seating will be spaced out at least six (6) feet apart.
    • Disinfecting will occur between cohorts of students each day. Deep cleaning and disinfecting of the whole school will occur in the evenings and on Wednesdays.

    CLICK HERE to register your student(s) for either on-site hybrid or 100 percent remote learning by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 2. It is essential to complete this registration process for all students, even if you plan to have your child remain in their current learning model, so we can assign students to classrooms and teachers appropriate to the learning model selected by parents/guardians.

    If you have questions, please contact your school office or our Public Information Office at 206-393-4412.