Middle and High School Hybrid Learning FAQs

  • Will students attending on-site switch classrooms or stay in the same classroom?

    Students will move to different classrooms each period, unless they have the same teacher for more than one period.


    Will desks be wiped down between each class, as well as the disinfecting that happens between cohorts?

    Yes. Desks will be wiped down between classes using the CDC recommended, EPA approved disinfectant we've been using throughout the pandemic to wipe down spaces used by staff during the day.


    For students who remain remote, will the streaming of the class allow remote students to participate by answering/asking questions/taking part in discussions?

    Yes. Students who are learning remotely will be engaged in class discussions, asking questions and giving answers along with the students who are attending in-person.


    Can we request or change our student’s cohort assignment?

    At this time, schools are unable to make changes to cohort requests. A request to make a change may be made to your student's counselor for reasons limited to family caregiving and other unique circumstances stemming from the pandemic. Such requests will be held until registration is complete and may be able to be addressed at that time.  


    Can a student change from In-Person/Hybrid to Remote or vice versa?

    Any cohort or schedule changes begin by connecting with your student’s counselor as you would with any schedule change request. Due to contact tracing requirements, we cannot have students/families change their mode of instruction without a proper schedule/registration change in our system. 


    If my student misses class in the morning, can they log in to the afternoon class or vice versa?

    Students must remain with their assigned cohort, but if they are unable to attend in person they may notify their school that they need to attend that same class remotely instead of in person for the day. The AM Cohort is in the morning whether remote or in-person. The PM cohort is in the afternoon whether remote or in person. This is to balance the number of students participating in a class at one time and maximize instructional time.