**Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)**

  • What is P-EBT 2.0, or Pandemic EBT Emergency School Meals Program? Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, children who missed meals at school and are approved for free or reduced-price meals will receive P-EBT food benefits. These temporary food benefits help families buy groceries when schools are closed to in-person learning for the 2020-2021 school year and during summer of 2021. *Benefits may be extended into the 2021-2022 school year. Be sure to fill out a meal benefit application to qualify.

    Learn more at www.dshs.wa.gov/pebt or call the P-EBT Contact Center at 1-833-518-0282 with questions or about missing cards. If you need this information in another language, please call 1-833-518-0282. 

    Who can get P-EBT? Any child currently enrolled in grades K-12 who has been approved for free or reduced-price school meals. P-EBT is available to all students regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The only requirement is a child must be eligible and approved for free or reduced-price school meals. If your child is not currently approved for free or reduced-price meals and you feel they may qualify, please submit an application now.

    How do my children get P-EBT? You do not need to apply through the state for these additional P-EBT benefits. You only need to apply and be approved for free or reduced-price school meals. Each eligible student will receive a P-EBT card in the mail. If your family has moved within the last two years, make sure your address on file with our district is up to date by contacting the registrar at your school. School districts upload data to the state every two months at which time updated address information will be reported. Incorrect address information on your students school record may cause a significant delay in receiving P-EBT cards.  

    When will we receive the P-EBT card in the mail? If your address has not changed and you did receive a letter explaining the benefits your child is eligible for but did not receive your card, please call the P-EBT Contact Center at 1-833-518-0282.  If you have not received your card and your address has changed, update your address with the school registrar immediately. Unfortunately, address changes will cause significant delay in receiving a reissued card. Once received, KEEP THE CARD! More benefits may be added into the 2021-2022 school year.

    What does the P-EBT card look like?

    p-ebt card image

    Can we still pick up free summer meals if we receive a P-EBT card? YES! P-EBT benefits do not disqualify students from participating in the meal box program.

    Can P-EBT affect my family's immigration status? No. Applying for or using P-EBT will not change a parent or child's immigration status. P-EBT is not a public charge. No one will ask about you or your child’s immigration status or citizenship.