• As seen throughout the region, COVID case counts have increased this week in most of our schools.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s support for taking the safety precautions that help reduce exposure and infection:

    • optional use of appropriate, well-fitting masks worn properly
    • frequent handwashing
    • awareness of and physical distancing to the extent possible
    • staying home if exhibiting any of the COVID symptoms
    • reporting positive COVID test results to the school/department

    The district continues to provide masks for employees who wish to wear them, and we will provide masks as requested for students. We are also maintaining recommended facility safety measures: increased air ventilation, use of recommended MERV13 filters, and daily disinfecting/cleaning.

    We continue to report positive cases to Public Health and seek their advice regarding any extraordinary situations. They have encouraged the continued use of the safety protocols outlined above, but they have not recommended any additional measures at this time.

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