Disinfecting Student Tablets and Computers

    As students return to our classrooms, it remains important for schools to reduce the risk of human coronavirus transmission through cross contact with surfaces. Electronic devices pose a particular challenge due to their high volume of contact and relative sensitivity to the application of disinfecting agents. Our cleaning plan has three main components:

    • Reduce instances of shared computer use to minimize the need to disinfect a device,
    • Use non-chemical UV disinfecting as much as possible, and
    • When UV disinfecting in not available use non-damaging cleaning procedures. 

    Reduce shared computer use: We recommend that teachers plan computer use to maximize student’s sole use of a particular computer or tablet during a class period and minimize the need to share a device during that class period. This will in turn minimize the need to disinfect a computer or tablet during a class period.

    UV disinfecting: We have purchased one UV disinfecting cabinet per school. Each cabinet can disinfect up to 12 devices in a 2 minute cleaning cycle (make sure to plan on additional time to load and unload devices from cabinet).  Our intent is to prioritize use of these cabinets in grades K-2 where we have iPads and touch screen Chromebooks that are most sensitive to disinfecting agents. Teachers in these grades will have to share use of the cabinet on a traveling cart to disinfect their devices. If practical in your school, sharing of the UV cabinet can be extended to grades 3-5.

    Instructions for using the AnyWhere AC Cabinet

    1. Unbox
    2. Plug in
    3. Take out keys from inside (These keys open up rear panel accessing the UV bar)
      1. Label keys (UV Cart_school name)
      2. Give keys to library tech to store

    To open/unlock door: click the unlock button

    control panel

    To disinfect up to 12 Chromebooks or 24iPads

    • Unscrew center rack set screw to the left of rack. Remove set screw and shelf block.
    • Take out center rack.

    center rack

    • Open up Chromebooks.
    • Place up to 12 chromebooks or 24 iPads (2 per slot placed vertically) inside.

    computer placement

    • Press Start (2:00 Minutes).

    Please watch this product video from the company showing how to use the AC Cart: https://youtu.be/J0xsrW3-pp8


    Non-damaging cleaning procedures: For grades 3-5 and/or when UV disinfecting is not available, computers can be disinfected by School non-custodial staff using a non-damaging disinfecting process. This disinfecting process consists of wiping down the computer case and keyboard with Purell wipes and then drying with a clean lint free cloth. Appropriate cleaning supplies including gloves will be provided to schools for each cart.

    Please watch this 2 minute video on the non-damaging cleaning procedure: https://vimeo.com/518254177