Instructions for current Kellogg Students

  • Current 6th and 7th graders will use Canvas to submit a form indicating their course selections, then enter them into Family Access.


    Step 1: Make your course selections and submit them on Canvas. (Click on the picture for a tutorial video)

    Screenshot of Canvas


    Step 2: Use those course selections to enter them onto Family Access. (Click on the picture for a tutorial video)

    Screenshot of Family Access

    Your student's ID for Family Access is everything before the @ sign in their email. Their password is likely their Canvas password. If they can't figure out their password, they can click "forgot your password" to get a reset.

    If you or your student has questions, please join us for one of our Family Registration Nights. Also, counselors & administrators will be meeting with each student in their classes between March 18-23rd.

    Should you need additional help, encourage your student to attend a Counselor Office Hour session (information on their "Class of" page in Canvas), or come to a Registration Help Desk during Roundtable on March 18th, 19th, and 22nd-26th to speak to a counselor or administrator. Zoom links and further information will be available on Canvas.


    (Click HERE to view the form students will fill out on Canvas.)


    Let's Talk Electives!!!

    Want to learn more about classes available at Kellogg? Click THIS VIDEO to see teachers talking about possible classes you can take in middle school.


    Incoming 8th Grade Tutorial Video

    Incoming 7th Grade Tutorial Video



    Our Registration Help Desk will be open every day until March 26th during Roundtable from 10:30-11:05. Stop by, or contact your student's counselor for additional questions.


    Watch the Family Registration Night Video!

    Screen shot of Kellogg Registration Slide