Late Start Schedules at the Home Education Exchange

  • When the district decides that schools will start one or two hours late, the HEE will follow the schedules below.


    One-Hour Late Start

    All HEE classes maintain their regular start times and durations.


    Two-Hour Late Start

    Our morning classes will begin at 10:30, with a condensed schedule:

    9:30 classes: 10:30-11:05
    10:30 classes: 11:10-11:45
    11:30 classes: 11:50-12:25
    Lunch 12:25-1:25

    Thursday morning 90-minute classes:
    9:30 Science Investigations: 10:30-11:25
    11:00 Public Speaking and Debate: 11:30-12:25
    Afternoon classes will maintain their normal schedule.