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Daily Health Screenings

  • Handouts available:

    Paper Health Attestation Forms: EnglishAmharic - Chinese - Korean - Spanish - Vietnamese

    Below is additional information about using the ParentSquare app or web portal to complete the daily health attestation process for your child.

    To submit your attestation (health screening) form on the web or on mobile follow these directions:

    Note: Students in grades 6-12 can also submit attestation forms for themselves in StudentSquare. Middle School students accounts will be active starting April 9th. High school students accounts are currently active. Forms can be submitted starting at 11:00 PM the night before up to students' arrival at school. Once a form is submitted, it cannot be edited or re-submitted. One form submission per person (Ex. if two parents and one student all have access to the health screen form for the student - the first one to fill it out will be the submitted form results viewed in the dashboard). 

    1) Login to ParentSquare on the web or on the mobile app.

    2) Click Submit Daily Screening.

    ParentSquare Attestation Web  


    ParentSquare Attestation Mobile

    3) Answer the questions on the form. 


    ParentSquare Attestation

    • The user is screening for a visit to campus on this date (A)
    • Follow the district instructions (B)
    • The form can apply to any or all staff and/or students in a household in the same district (C) 
    • If this option configured for the district form, users can quickly answer “No” to all questions. Otherwise, they can answer each question individually (D)
    • Enter name for electronic signature (E)
    • Click “Submit” (F)

    4) Users will be taken to their screening dashboard upon completion of the form.

    Self-Screening Form

    • Notification of successful screening (A)
    • Listing for each individual who may have completed a screening (B)
    • Screening history for all individuals (C)

    5) Clicking “Confirmation” will generate one of the following responses below. If you answered yes to any of the questions, your child will not be cleared to attend school. Please contact the school for next steps.

    ParentSquare All Clear  ParentSquare Attestation Warning Message