Aquí hay una presentación informativa de 15 minutos para las familias entrantes interesadas en el Programa de Lenguaje Dual.

    Tiene que ver esto para poder matricularse en el Programa de Lenguaje Dual.

    La audiencia prevista para esta presentación son los padres entrantes, el "Video Tour" a la izquierda es para futuros estudiantes de kindergarten.

  • Here is a 15 minute informative presentation for incoming families interested in the Dual Language Program.

    Watching this is required for anyone applying to the Dual Language Program

    The intended audience for this presentation is incoming parents, the "Video Tour" on the left is for prospective kindergarten students.

  • Here is a one-page overview document of the Dual Language entrance process: in English & in Spanish. This is not meant a comprehensive document, just a one-page summary of information.

    This link will take you to Program Information (on the District website)

    This link will take you to some information for our current families in the DL Program here at Briarcrest (on the school website)


    Dual Language Enrollmement Information:

    Dual Language Enrollment

    • First preference of Kindergarten enrollment in the Dual Language Program is given to students in the Briarcrest service area.

      Students who have siblings currently enrolled in the Dual Language Program also have priority and may comprise up to 50% of the total enrollment per language group.

      • If the number of applicants with siblings at the time of the lottery exceeds fifty percent of the available Kindergarten spaces, a sibling lottery will be conducted.
      • Those children with siblings in the program who are not selected for admission via a sibling lottery will then be included in the non-sibling Briarcrest dual language lottery.
      • If they are not chosen for a spot in the dual language program through that process, they will then become a part of the general kindergarten registration process. 

      Enrollment Information: EspanolEnglish